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Bring back 3 members from the dead
I'm sure those of you that've been in this game for at least 4 years will have seen many players slowly drift away, because I certainly have. Some of these players I really wish would come back. I can easily think of many but I've had a hard time narrowing it down to less than 5. I'm curious to know who others would choose, and for what reasons (Is this even the right place to put this thread? Idk).
  1. Nerobe
    Him and I would play aikido for hours on end back when I was working my way up through 4th Dan to 10th Dan, and he had a similar Qi. We'd help each other improve and would always have the most fun and interesting matches. No matter who he was against, he never once played 'Dirty'. No lifts. Never saw him snap kick even back when everyone was doing it. And he'd still win. He would play aikido like a true grappler, not like a striker yet I could always rely on Nerobe in bet servers.
  2. ApatheticP
    I doubt many people reading this will have heard of ApatheticP but in my opinion he's the single most underrated player I've seen since I started playing this game. He plays aikido and Tk at a level far higher than others of similar Qi. He had his own group of friends and really did mind his own business, not getting involved in toribash drama. He was always humble and great at saving himself in the most ridiculous situations where I wouldn't have thought were savable.
  3. Krulls
    The leader of WAPOW. Technically the founder of the clan. He had a lot of patience and was maybe the most softly spoken players I've ever met (Besides Mocucha <3). It's not because he was the leader of WAPOW that he's on this list, it's the fact that he balanced his life outside of toribash really well with the game considering everything that was going on in his life. He was so good at calming intense situations down and considering he was an adult in a clan basically full of children, he had to tolerate a lot sometimes (He literally had to deal with 12 yr old Velordrel skype calling him whilst he was at work). I only just realised recently how much patience he had with the community / sub section of the community he was involved in. Very trustworthy and easy to talk to, no matter what you wanted to talk about.

Of course there are many more. Here are some honorable mentions:
  • Ratsudi - Best online friend I've ever had, incredibly intellectual.
  • Moomin - Aikido playstyle more amusing and creative than anyone else's.
  • Kremline - Favorite artist in Toribash.
  • Fish - Truly cared about this game, dedicated thousands of hours to helping Toribash on his own accord.
  • HiddenVoid - Hosted the most amazing bet servers (Can't find his account).
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Although not top 3, my list would be:
  • Triton - We had so much fun together I had to put him on the top of this list. Countless hours of Skype conversations and just goofing around on Toribash. Also that one time we completely took over Crooks through diplomatic power, definitely most memorable Toribash experience.
  • Krulls - Took me into WAPOW when I barely knew how to move and had patience to guide me through the beginning of my journey with this game.
  • NullSpook - Fun personality, overall a great person. Leading clan together was truly a great journey that I can always look back on and reminisce.
  • pingu887 - great guy that I met in Crooks. Considering all issues going on in his life, he was handling them extremely well, and kept his positive attitude no matter what.
  • BlueEvil - still owes me a set xd
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what a wonderful thread

(In order):
  • Kerlis - Kerlis was probably one of the biggest homies I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. I knew him from 2009-2011 so I was around 12, but he was my go-to when I wanted to play the game. Gay4Kerlis in 2009, Gay4Kerlis 10 years later.
  • Glow - Lead C3, the only clan that I really felt like I was super involved in and it was great. It was a huge shitshow, we had to have our board watched/moderated because we were spamming stupid shit in it too much. Glow was (and still is) the funniest mother fucker. I wonder what he's up to now. O:
  • Dragenon - Ho-ly fuck. This guy was the shit in 2009. His sparring was absolutely nuts, in a state of the game before Swexx (hi swexx) and Largekilla developed the skills they have now, even though they were around then. If anyone sparked my interest in replaymaking, moreso sparring, it was this guy. He probably wouldn't agree that he was as good as he was, very nice dude that didn't know what he had.

Some other ones that I would love to catch up with, but didn't make the top 3:
  • Jetsnix - If we could go back and see how we acted as children, it'd be hella cringe. However, we played a lot, made some stupid videos, and had fun doing it.
  • Kaemoflage / hproducts / Brains10 / Ootogi / Lawrence1 / Catastrophe / Chris - C3. 'Nuff said.
  • Clow - I still actually talk to him briefly once a year, since we share the same birthday. Kyou / Glow / Clow was the trio of shitheads, definitely walked the line of what was acceptable and what was not.
  • Jets - If you're from 2011, you've probably seen his youtube videos. Guy never got to be an amazing replay maker or a video editor, but the progress he made was there and I wish he didn't quit.
  • Humper + machker96 - We actually didn't ever talk much, but man these guys' edits kept me going for a while. They had creativity and made making videos fun, I wanted to continue improving as an editor as long as they made videos. Unfortunately, they don't make much anymore. I suppose that's why I don't, too.

i'm sure there's so many more, but these are what immediately come to mind. thanks everyone on the list o/
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oh yeah
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Dragenon and machker already taken so I revive Meamme0 three times
oh yeah
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Hehe Zwift just joined our clan. He came back.
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Link8 epic memer

Fish + Uric nz gods

PredatorC goodcunt
Oh shit and floop78 of course
I apologise for this post.

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1hand clap / fett were always fun to play with

Pulse / Toril / Squiziph the Italians boiz, toril and squiz were CRIMINALLY under rated replay makers

Dahstevy / manbeatle, quiet Tribe guys who were chill AF and we're taken by inactivity way before their time RIP

I also miss Leyz a lot
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remzombie / one of my best friends on here but unfortunately passed away in 2016 due to muscular dystrophy and pneumonia.

detr3vni - really good bet servers.

judd666 - least toxic person ive met on this game

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