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And His Return From Shadows...

<Shout-outs> Kaitokwan. Zalmoxis. Kuromizu. Magix. BioEx. Carloz01. Takkrala. Sc501. Membrain. MattressX. Solax. Lucent. Lindzee. Supahninja. Toxikz. Dremora. Jetsnix. Fee. Steve Irwin. Nyann. CorkedA. Fura. Sangetsu. Sid. Bishop01. Ieatu. Chopperkid. Narsasa. Andreyoshi. OfUnknown. Dentian. GrayveXP. Hkp326. Adrian. Ginkey. iMod3rn35. Boredlolz. Lapsus. Festus. Dremora.Sado. DonutFatal. Trikskier. PhoenixWing. Pizzapete8. ConCon19. Kuromizu. BioEx. MrJingles. Hyde.

Want a shout-out? Private message me and we'll see.

<Wolf257> A good member. Knows how to handle things.
<pal> I respect rappunk a lot.
<Shamshank> Don't know you, but I've heard you're really cool.
<DonutFatal> You make me feel loved<3
<Festus> Rappunk is a boss.
<Ginkey> Rappunk is a beast. He's a good leader, and knows what he's doing.
<Praeter> He's awesome. I'm sure he put in a huge load of effort into this clan, he's that sort of person.
<Shamshank> More people are posting from different clans because we are sticking up for the great guy, rappunk.

<Zayex> rappunk is the worlds biggest moron.

<BanList> Zayex - Infraction point build-up. - Sep 16, 2011 - Sep 17, 2011 - Fee
<Vox> Your contribution to the discussion is noted and appreciated, we would like to hire you as a spell checker, please await an incoming phone call for a job interview on the 20th of September.
<Wheel83> Are you guys in the taliban?
Fuck, 2 weeks ago I went overseas, I used my 3G to watch porn for 45 minutes and it cost me 814usd.

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<By Sado>
<By ?>
<By Dae67>
<By Dae67>
<By PivotBash>
<By DonutFatal>

-In Process of Updating-

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Welcome back.. lets get this shit started.
zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριяαтєz] | [εssεηcε]
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o wow.... he's back @[email protected] welcome back kuro <3 and gl
I'm a fucking professional!
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Clan: Piratez

shit will be going into effect on the 10th or so :3
zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριяαтєz] | [εssεηcε]
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