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Since it's basically my birthday as I'm posting this, I don't really want anything or do anything for it, I don't mind wishing me a happy birthday and to not sound edgy but never really had a happy birthday so I guess I take it more of a personal mocking way. don't find them important, and I understand people do celebrate to show they care but isn't that just being rude to go against someone's wishes to not celebrate? or just plain selfish?

What do you guys think? do you like to celebrate birthdays? are they even worth celebrating? I mean we can basically go into "deep" thinking of how "you're lucky you are born so why not celebrate it" to we are just here by a mere chance of chain reactions and it's just a "social construct" inb4 sjw.

I guess I see it more of a selfish way on the recepient since it's just mostly a "gimme" situation lmao.

Of course this is all opinion but I would like to hear your guy's opinion.

There's a lot of points I want to talk about but I can't put them into words, too tired, so hopefully we can spark something.
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I don't care about my actual birthday but I do care about everything that surrounds it, just by age people assume a lot about you and determine what you're allowed to do or not.
It's important to realize how others look at you, whether you care or not is up to you.

As for celebrating the actual birthday, I do enjoy it.
Birthdays in my family are always a social happening and all of us come together and have a good time, chit chat and get updates about how their lives are going.
I always find it quite interesting to interact with them.

As for presents... you might see it as selfish to enjoy receiving presents from your family or friends for your birthday but don't you also give them a present for their birthday as well?

Doesn't seem selfish to me like that.
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birthdays are worth celebrating for the same reason why we celebrate every other holiday, if's a common cultural thing to celebrate significant events on a specific date annually. being born is pretty significant.
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pretty good points, of course all this comes down to opinion and how you live your lives, I do understand that not wanting a gift for your own, but not giving one can seem selfsh,

Cultures are pretty important, I guess I don't see it too significant cause I wasn't really exposed to holidays much or had any holidays worth remembering thus far.
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I like to celebrate my birthday, although it doesn't really feel much different than any other day for me though. Hell, my parents had to remind me it was my birthday once.
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ahaha yeah man, I don't think I would mind birthdays if it was just a simple thing, I don't like when parents or other family worry to get me something, I don't really want much to start with so just spending time works.
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I never cared to celebrate my birthday, but I do. Even though my mother forgot my birthday, I did not care much, because later she remembered and wished me a happy birthday. What I like most about my birthday is receiving hugs from my family.
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