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Old Jun 8, 2017   #61
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Originally Posted by Athin View Post
Well looks like crow has bailed on us..

are you really surprised?
kuz Im not
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Ehh maybe I try to see people in too good of a light..

Now what boys?
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Old Jun 13, 2017   #63
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I've had it enough....
I have not enough spare time to try to revive this clan by all myself.
fyi, i am a monthly novel writer, it took a lot of time for me to do research and do interviews then write it in one month.
At first i though i can spare my bit of my free time if i have some help to revive this. But, well can see it now. I am going back focusing on my novel then and won't be here much anymore

feel free contact me through skype or discord
skype: bunny.trice

have a nice day
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Old Jun 15, 2017   #64
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i don't think there's gonna be enough active members here unless we recruit or something
but newbies or some shit flock to the unofficial flags anyway

plus i don't even play toribash anymore, i'd start playing it again but it feels painful to see me suck so hard at the game i used to the good at
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Old Aug 5, 2017   #65
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I really miss you old farts
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Was my favorite place to get drunked.
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