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Old Jun 26, 2016   #11
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You really like over doing joint motions (such as over extending abs, over bending lumbar, over rotating chest). Also, try holding the neck, rather than relaxing it or continuously contracting and extending it.
Other than that, it's an amazing replay o7
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Old Jun 30, 2016   #12
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I tend to spot the ground.
As for the rest I'll work on it I suppose...

So I'm currently working on Raid Challenge TF 5 but in the mean time here's Raid the Tomb tf 5 to which I got bored of quite quickly and just posed.
(first pk in 2 years)
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Old Jul 4, 2016   #13
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Hope you don't mind me being a bit late because holy shit that was gorgeous. Your run setup is like nothing I've seen before. Fascinating to say the least. The climb was really well made. Nothing looked forced and you went up smoothly without a problem. the way you ran across the wall reminded me of someone else who did this map. I think it was Swexx but I'm not sure. You dodged the hammers very nicely. Added tension to the replay seeing as it was literally the last second. Your final vault looked pretty bad though. Maybe it was because you got bored but I still think you could have polished it. Nice roll to finish up.

Good job overall. But try to polish your moves even though you are bored. That final vault really killed the replay in a way.
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Old Jun 11, 2017   #14
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Aye guys I'm back. I had originally quit after I stupidly got myself banned but when I heard about TB Next awhile ago I decided it was time to un rust a bit.

I think it's also time to clear up that I am also Rune/Zubin.

Anyways here's 2 MP parkour replays I recently did (I'm posting them here instead of in MP thread because I believe, for me, that there's no great difference between MP & SP) and my entry to The Beam Event (which is TF 5, of course).

Be as harsh as you like but please keep in mind I am incredibly rusty.
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):

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Old Jun 15, 2017   #15
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Gotta keep the people entertained (though no one bothers to CnC me anymore or even write anything at all) so here's a quick tricking WiP. I'm not sure what to do out of the scoot without doing yet another cork so yeah...

Mostly TF 10 with a few shift spaces here and there.
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):

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Old Jun 15, 2017   #16
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can't really cnc tricking, as i don;t know enough about it, so i'll cnc your parkour replays.

christian spider monkey

your launcher is unique, but i hate the way you turn when you start it. your right leg also extends all the way when you put it down, and you raise up onto your toe, which looks pretty weird.

the run is good, but indirect and rusty, so i won't pick on it too much. i can tell you weren't able to stay on the beam, but then again, you didn't try very hard to in the first place, so again no comment.

the turn around on the bottom of the beam was majestic, especially in 5 tf with no shift spaces. gj there

the rest of the replay is pretty repetitive, but cool nonetheless. there were a couple stutters here and there, and at some points i could tell you didn't care to plan your movements ahead of time (you had your legs closed coming up to grabbing the beam, then suddenly opened them, which doesn't look very precise) but other than that, it looks fine.

once you reached the end, the climb up was pretty ugly, but you've already stated you didn't care and besides, i know how hard it is to climb up something using only three limbs from upside down, so i can't pick on that either.

the last bit was definitely the most fluid, and i liked it. not your best replay, but a good start back into your time away gj man!

flightless pigeon

starter looked better, but your run was wonky. after two steps you decided (tricking? i was never good with telling) was your best option, and went with that. after that you went into some decent flow, and powered around the rooftops like some sort of funky cat, then launched yourself across the rooftops and into the air. i wish you had aimed better, instead of running into a wall once you fell. you recovered really nicely, but your landing to the floor was unpleasant. your flow after the landing is beautiful, and you judged your distance after kicking off that wall perfectly. i loved the landing, and the punch that followed. the box kick was nice to, you used your surroundings

the run off the wall was impressive, i wish i thought of that while doing my replays, and the rest is pretty much the same. too bad mioxi got you in the face with that kick, i think you should've won.

overall, pretty slick stuff! i feel like i can learn alot from your replays, and i hope to see more from you
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Old Jun 27, 2017   #17
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Thanks Karb..

Ok so I was bored so I whipped up 2 quick tricking replays with a couple of tricks. The first one is actually a combo I saw my friend do earlier today during our session (irl). The second is basically a copy of someone else's tricks with my own style and flair (I will not mention who because then you'll just compare and that simply won't cut it because he's so much better AND he shift-spaces). I wasn't sure about the cheat trick so maybe just ignore it. Same as the opener.

All in all I just made these two for fun with no real purpose in mind max 15-20mins per replays because it's basically TF 10 with only a few edits.

CnC at your leisure.
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
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Old Jun 27, 2017   #18
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I love all your replays and i cant really think of anything you do wrong probably because I suck.
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Old Jun 27, 2017   #19
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that was some of the most best tricking replays I've seen today quite honestly I like to see some long replays from you as far as tricking goes. As Far as the parkour I liked everything on this thread so far keep it up.

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Old Jun 29, 2017   #20
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Thanks to both of you, it means a lot.

Ok so I've seen very few people successfully chain corks in TB and definitely not TF 10 so I decided to give it a try and it's sooooo much harder than it looks. I'm aware that the last couple of corks aren't full rotations but I honestly don't give a fuck so how about if you give me grief about it you can go try to cork chain eight times (whether or not you cheat and use shift-space).

I'm not looking for CnC for this because I probably won't be trying it again any time soon and the only people that could properly CnC it because they're better than me are Shoddy and Kong (Flash for you people) & perhaps Nulu. Praise me if you like but please post something, my thread has been incredibly sad lately.
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
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