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Old Jul 10, 2017   #21
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really great replays in general, i see you doing "all 5 tf, all 10 tf" but tbh i think most people dont care about the tf, they just want a good looking replay, so if i were you i would do like 1 tf and make shit that looks good
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Old Jul 12, 2017   #22
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Eight Cork Chain-
Lots of great stuff there, you kept your rotation and you managed to keep the building momentum from putting you to the ground.

Some weird things: Now im not tricker but I do know that the landings were always slightly off/odd. The way you consistently landed mistimed made your swing leg drop closer and closer to the ground each time. Because of that your corks varied in speed and you had to slow down with your planted leg so you could maintain balance and continue to the next cork. I really saw nothing too bad in the air aside from your left forearm ghosting into your leg every now and again. My earlier point proves by the 3rd cork where you severely lose momentum to keep your balance. From there it gets better, almost as if you refined the technique as you continued. Great job overall.
Can't wait to see more from you
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Old Jul 28, 2017   #23
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spent around 5 hours on it also luigi it's my choice because it makes the game more challenging

some type of hook - scoot - cork - backfull - hook - jackknife - cheat - snapuswipe - swing thru - crowd awakener - misleg - btwist - swing thru - cork shuriken hyper hook - pose
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Old Jul 28, 2017   #24
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Your foot slid on the ground when you were going into your scoot
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Old Jul 28, 2017   #25
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flow was good

speed was good although could be better

over all good replay but not particularly special and there by kinda boring. 8.2/10
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Old Jul 29, 2017   #26
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nice replay
like the execution and stuff
like mioxi said, your foot did slide on the ground during scoot but its whatevs.

is that title of the replay from a line from a song hopsin made? just asking

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Old Jul 29, 2017   #27
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Yes, yes it is. I'm a huge fan of Hopsin.

Here's a short combo I did and I'll probably make it longer later on when I have more time and I'm not working on my Highrise Parkour replay for Sora's event.
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File Type: rpl i can smell your scent for miles.rpl (253.3 KB, 6 views)
Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
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Old Jul 29, 2017   #28
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Right off the bat,
you spend so damn long on your right toe then also kick off it. Stick to the flat footed you dimwit.

1390, look how contorted your body is. It's nowhere near natural. your hip is too far forward, knee is extended way too early, don't get me started on your lumbar and you launch off your heel instead of flat footed.

The aerial portion your lumbar is shot throughout most of it.

1298, you dip so low on the landing your lumbar is phased in with your hip.

then again another toe tap.

1208. that td. no. don't td like that again. ever. ew. no. you know better.

cork isnt too bad, the lumbar yet again is wayy too much

then you land on your mother fucking toe. again.

too much toe/10.
don't td raiz like that again or I will no longer associate with you.

git gud.
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Old Jul 31, 2017   #29
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"talks about how shitty repay is" "says i'm better"

u w0t m8??

Anyways I made another tricking replay with a finally decent Butterknife Dub (the final trick), I'll be posting my parkour replay as soon as the results for Sora's event are posted which may take awhile so expect a lot more tricking.

If there are any unique tricks you'd like to see please let me know. (No dub corks pls pls)
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File Type: rpl just trying to find my way home.rpl (355.3 KB, 11 views)
Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #30
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in response to the last tricking replay, ill cnc real quick.

So first off, the opener for the first trick was cool, i like the creativity, but it's really weird when you like contract the leg to jump off of it, idk it just look really weird and twitchy, at 1456 frames into the replay. The moment you start spinning, your left arm comes down nicely, but your elbow was a bit late to the spin, and the kick looked a bit late aswell, but im not the one to judge here. I like the middle part of the replay, was executed and done nicely, flawless i'd say, well done on that part, needs no other cnc. When you land from the mindfuck that cork was, you extend your knee and your hip goes with it, and it tilted your tori backwards a bit, idk about you but that looked really weird, and not very "realistic" i guess you could say. the butterknife dub was nice, really nice. This is it really, im not used to cnc's so i cant write much, but expect me to write even more for you .

Anyways, overall the replay was good, smooth and pleasing to the eye, little of weird movements, overall 9.9/10 because of the twitchy stuff i explained.

Keep it up!
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