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Old Aug 23, 2017 Original Post  
Blessing wibbles with divine nudes
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Dead Man Walking

You don't know it yet, but you all are already dead.
That's the fate every Treasure Hunter awaits.. sooner or later.
That's the fate everyone trying to find Glory in battle will meet.
That's your fate.
But does that stop you?

All of you will fight in whatever mod I feel like until only one is left.
Entertain your Gods, puny mortals.


1st: 750k TC
1 Year TP+VIP
One colour pack of your choosing.
A 160x200px Avatar of Your Choosing.
Treasure Chest custom floor item (Exclusive)
Custom User Title Image

1 Year TP
Pile o gold coins custom floor item (Exclusive)

THE REST: A dead man's skull floor item (Exclusive); Achievement

Treasure hunting comes with a prize, should you fail to find what you seek you will have to burn in purgatory for the sins you committed on your journey!
Some may even lose part of their fortune while trying to gather more!

Welcome to Round3.
Where Time is a costy good

For this round you will play Aikidobigdojo until one of you has 10 Wins

Find the hidden shovel and uncover the secrets of my religion.
Voted best nazi admin of 2017!

10:17 PM <~Creati0n> GAS THE DUELERS
6:35 PM <&Fear> good job reta you are now the King Admin
6:35 PM <Typhon> Gj Reta god

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Old Aug 23, 2017   #11
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Im in
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #12
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Clan: Chivalry

I am in
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #13
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Clan: Slippery

sign me up and put me in coach
Think of the sky. why you ask I really don't know.
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #14
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Clan: Desolate

im in
[00:15] <Delayer> There is lot's of jokes about Ukraine and Nazi, and since BlueEvil and me are both jewlovers and also he is from Germany we can do siegfive as well \o
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #15
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am in
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #16
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I'm in!
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #17
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im in
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #18
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I'm In
I'm in
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #19
Better than Viddah
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ok I will do it!
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Old Aug 23, 2017   #20
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Sign me up.
Come check out my shop
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