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Replay Update Ideas
Replays should switch a video format
Replays should have a clear way to see who won based on the title
Implement a way to have replays you've autosaved autoplay.

I also think you should be able to change autosaves to have a setting like "only autosave matches I'm in" or "only autosave Aikidobigdojo matches" To avoid having to sift through EVERY replay.
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"Replays should switch a video format"
I feel like they should Save as a .gif file or .mp4 file so it is easier to save/share since at the moment we need to go thru a lot of trouble to either convert the files manually or download the file and load it in game
If it saved as a .gif file this could help communities such as TBA or TA As the helpers would be much more able to view replays and give people tips even from mobile.
It would also make sharing replays with non toribash players much easier since from personal experience i have found that getting my friends into the game is much harder then it needs to be since they cant see the game without loading it up and playing it And the YT Vids show the some of the best players replays but nothing from the average players
At least not until ConCon's "Fight review" series
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