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Toribash 5.3
Hi! Toribash 5.3 is here!
This version contains huge UI updates and lots of other changes.

New UI

Toribash main menu has been recreated from scratch and all the (previously) text-only buttons now have nice visuals with outstanding artwork from your boy Hagan!

Play tab

This is what you'll see when launching Toribash 5.3. Play tab has quick access to Single Player mode, Matchmaking (which has been also updated and shows additional helpful info) and Multiplayer Room List.
You can also see your account main info in top right corner - your head avatar, belt, clan, TC and ST data will be always displayed there while you are browsing new Toribash menus. You can also switch accounts quicker now by pressing Login button displayed next to your current account's name.

Home tab

Home page shows announcements about Toribash events and new releases, current Torishop daily sale and quick access to Clans and your saved replays.

Training, Mods and Tools section contain tutorials, mod-related stuff and miscellaneous menus respectively.

Clans 2.0

We have continued our work on ingame clans UI and it's now available any time from main menu. Here's what you see when pressing on that nice "Clans" button from Home tab:

Clans Home

Clans Home is now split into two sections with an already familiar clan list on the right and your clan status on the left. You can now see your clan status, up to two random clan mates of same status (leader / member) and a button to view your clan. Clan list has also been upgraded and now features proper filtering for you to find specific clans faster.

Ingame Inventory
Whaaaaaaat, we've been asking for that like forever???!?!!

Woo, inventory is here!

My activated inventory

You can now view your items, unpack, activate and deactivate them right from the game client! We'll keep working on inventory in future releases to allow full set manipulation functionality and some other neat stuff like market, so stay tuned!

Comeback Practice

Comeback Practice is a new mode you can play in Training section. You need to hit Uke as many times as you can - but he will keep teleporting away from you every time you touch him. Teleport distance increases with each time, too, so it's getting gradually harder to catch him after each hit!

Here's me playing: beware a very long gif

There are three toggleable settings for you to adapt conditions to your favorite play style: turnframes, gravity and match frames. Frame-by-frame skipping is allowed, too - just in case you want to play for the sake of making a replay and don't want to keep those previous frames unused.

Other updates

  • New languages: new UI has full English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian translation
  • Changed tori and uke camera view to first person
  • Fixed a bug that made joints disappear when a player has custom obj joints with 3D items display disabled
  • Added rotateable gravity option for flames
  • Added persistent world shader configuration
  • Fixed ground not changing on new player
  • Mod-specific motd now also sets custom motd in MP rooms

Last but not least

Windows version of Toribash now has full Discord Rich Presence support!
Discord now would show your Toribash name, belt, season ranking and a cool "Ask to Join" button for your friends to come play with you even easier!

Toribash 5.3 is available on Steam for Windows, macOS and Linux and as standalone downloads for Windows and macOS.


Standalone links:
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Really love to ask to join Button

Great job as always.

New art is pretty neat too

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8th Dan Black Belt
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in my 9 years of playing this has got to be the best update there has been
comeback practice is a great idea btw very good job
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The art and the ui placement is so well done!!
I really enjoy this new update!

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10th Dan Black Belt
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Amazing, looking forward to test the new version.
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Old Jun 4, 2018   #6
6th Dan Black Belt
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That’s incredible how much it upgrades the menu atmosphere, this is incredibly well done, thanks for the whole team, and special thanks to Hagan, that’s neat dude.
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This is very incredible. I can't wait to see new better updates and improvements when Toribash Next comes along with a new ingame mechanism
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Wow! very nice update and looks very nice. Can you add something where you double click on someone's tori while they are playing to check those stats? if you cant, maybe add it in toribash next? anyways, update looks amazing and smooth. good job toribash team! uke catch mode would make for a great event! whoever catches uke the most time wins. also its a very cool concept. if you do make an event for it, however, i think it should be called something along the lines of ToriCatch or something.

though my amount of shiai tokens seems to be incorrect... i currently have 4 and it displays it as 0, same with toricredits. can you make bug fixes?

TC issue is fixed, just the shiai tokens.


st and tc fixed
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Well there is already a stat button when you right click on someone’s name on the top right, so wouldn’t it be a bit too much ?
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Don't care about mostly anything in this.

The mental retardation about the new stock folder is disgusting. But whatever. Good job ruining stock

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