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Old Jun 6, 2017   #131
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Clan: Virtue

Ello, names Roukan(although i wanna change it to Apollo soon), i was already in the clan but it died, so i plan on helping to revive it, but anyway, i play abd, mushu, judo, greykido, lenshu, and boxshu, ill say my ingame and forum activity is an 8/10. Other than toribash i also play csgo, gmod, and shellshock, but i might also play night in the woods every now and then. Im 13, in Louisiana. GMT-5, i play basketball, soccer, and im learning to play guitar, i have discord, skype and steam. I also may walk around my neighborhood sometimes, if i know i wont get attacked by a coyote, hog, or whatever else lives near me. But yeah, just trynna join back and help out, and sorry if the app seems short ive been drawing a blank since "Ello"

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Old Jun 13, 2017   #132
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Clan: Virtue

Roukan - Accepted
Luke55 - Still discussing
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Old Jun 13, 2017   #133
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So roukan told me to post an app, i fucking hate apps. This will be very short and not very spicy but im an all around player other than earth and lenshu type mods, i fucking hate those. I obviously have a favorite word and i use it a lot. I would much rather have a recruitment battle cuz those are fun. i like to rek buttholes and im incredible in any aikido mods.
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Old Jul 17, 2017   #134
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Tbh i see that the last post got posted a month ago so it's pretty funny since i thought night was more wanted but who cares, lets go.

So ya my name is Xavier, you can find me in game under the name of Hampa (pranked my name is on the left just on my avatar cunt) and hum i didnt join a while ago but i learnt the game really quickly and i always thought that night was an awesome clan so I considered joining it by writing a post on the recruitment thread (hope you're surprised). I'm really active in game and on forum and i really think i could add something good to the clan since i'm decent at the game. Im also friendly so if you aint looking for piece of shits well it's a plus for me. Favorite mod is obviously ABD but i also like boxshu, erthtk, lenshu or any type of mod that you can find in public rooms (except for judofrac im good at it but i hate it). Irl my life isnt really important ya know im just 13, being on a videogame playing with people and having fun. I sometimes go outside to talk to people and to play sports (sports are amazing i swear). I live in Canada btw. For my personality, I'm an happy person except for when people grab my pec. Stop it. Don't grab my pec.

Any question or concerns? Got an Issue with anything related to toribash? Click Here and PM me!

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Old Aug 3, 2017   #135
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Hello, night.

My name is Mary, and you can find me ingame as MayoNinja. My favorite mod is Twinswords, but I like judofrac, lenshu, and ABD too. I'm 15 years old, and I used to be really active before I stopped playing for a full year. I'm back into this game again, though, so I'm seeking to join a clan. I am a full-time writer and student, I'm learning Spanish, and I'm playing the piano. I'm fluent in Chinese and English, so there shouldn't be communication error. I'm a decent member to have around.

In any case, I hope you take me into consideration.
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Old Aug 22, 2017   #136
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Hello my name is magostic, i usually play twinswords4fixed and boxshu, i have never been in any clan even tough i joined toribash in 2013, i hope i can help this clan, become an loyal member and be better at this game, i live in Azores(it is a group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) my timezone is UTC-01:00, i hope you take me into consideration.
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