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so here we go...
Belt:blue belt on this acc im a 9th dan on my main tho(imma keep my main a secret for other reasons...)
i am applying for the ABD team(i was already tested by cat and i passed 4-2 ^-^)
why do i want to join:i was looking for a good,chill clan that wars often,and after seeing cat solo war each day im like"this is the clan im looking for"also some of my friends like zurka are in there so there you go.
how active are you:until school online everyday till midnight. shouldnt be hard to find me considering im on my alt alot for the time being
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Clan: MidNite

Luciii / Blue belt

-What team are you applying for? (We have 2 teams as of now, ABD Team, ran by cat4hbk, and Mushu/Boxshu ran by me.)

Do I have to choose one?
I like both but prefer ABD

-Why do you want to join Eao?
I don't know what "Eao" is.

-How active are you?
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application for Mn
Hi my username is vcxdf and I'm a blue belt. I met one of your clan mates today and we have been playing together all day. I would like to join the ABD team and I am active almost everyday.
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Username - DedSkin
Belt - White (Alt was a 6th dan, forgot password...)
Team - ABD
I want to join MidNite because you guys seem like a well rounded clan, and I have been seeing your players all over TB. You guys are also climbing in the ranks, and i feel like i can help you guys get to rank 1. I love to war and just mess around.
Active? - Daily.

(I saw a leader on today and would like to be tried out today if possible...)
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