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Old Aug 12, 2017   #241
3rd Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Adventure

dude invite me
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Old Aug 12, 2017   #242
Sample Text
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Go back.this is not your home duck guy
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #243
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hi names is Justine, but just call me by my gamertag CryptoTRDs
my country is philippines
so obviously gmt +8
im 15
once in other two clans mau and electric,great and really awesome ppl there
i too learn real martial arts like taekwondo,kungfu and i will try learning MMA
anddd really thats all i think you need to know,if you need additional info just ask...till then,wish to see you later,and hopefully as a clan member

~some say im weirrd,nah im just limited edition
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #244
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@Crypto, posted
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #245
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sorry,what cha mean by that,im stupid,this the first time i played again in like.....a month or i in?

edit:derp i get,forgive me,my stupidity...i shall wait for you're amazing response trestet(btw its boogie22,hopefully you can recall me)
<Ty>what do you say b4 you kill some1 with a grenade
<Dylan>I'd say christmas came early

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Old Aug 18, 2017   #246
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Old Aug 18, 2017   #247
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Hello All Stars! I am Incandous, but my real name is Aaron. Although, I am an alt account of the user 0Bomb0, which is a 2nd Dan Black Belt. I live on the Eastern Side of the United States, so my Greenwich Mean Time is Eastern Standard Time. I am currently 16 years of age.

I first embarked my journey here on Toribash back in 09, and I played for a few years before taking a 2 year break. I resumed the game in 2013 with a different account. I'd like to think, judging by how long I've played Toribash, that I would be a 4th-5th Dan Black Belt by now. I am quite active in-game, although currently I am going through a tough time in my life for multiple different cases especially including my distant family, which has reduced my activity a little bit. I am also a pretty straight forward and direct guy, hopefully I'm nice however I've been told differently.

My favorite mods I specialize in are Boxshu/Mushu, Aikido Big Dojo, and Judo. I have previously owned a clan named (Water) The Aquarium, but that didn't work out unfortunately. Recruitment was too hard because I wasn't finding any players that could win me at a best of three. Maybe I was just getting lucky, or Toribash just has a lot of lame black belts these days. I have been observing (AS) All Stars for quite some time now. 6 weeks to be exact. In other words, I have been interested in joining this clan for quite some time. I suppose I was waiting to see if I was ready for that commitment, and I feel as though I am now. I am purely a perfectionist and people-pleaser. -Sigh- haha.

A tradition in applications that my old clan [e] Electric always did was state the clan tag and name in that order at the end of the application, and in honor of doing so I will do that also.

Thank you for your time! Sincerely,

- Incandous

(AS) All Stars

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Old Aug 18, 2017   #248
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@Crypto, Sorry Denied, you are welcome to try again in the near future
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Old Aug 18, 2017   #249
10th Dan Black Belt
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I spoke to Incandous and he seems nice just to let you know
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Old Aug 20, 2017   #250
Brown Belt
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hey AS, my name is Juke123 And I'm 13 years old.
I'm a blue belt player
i want to apply to this because they are awesome af.
i do arts not a pro tho i have been playing toribash for 4 years now havent played in multiplayer for 2-3 yrs and i came back.
so i wanted to join a good clan.
im 8.6 of 10 active on forums and 7 of 10 active ingame.
I like to do gaming and make yt videos.
My GMT: +2 (it changes sometimes, just say I'm from Norway).
i enjoy playing abd, boxshu And aikido.
And irl I'm just a 13 year old boy who lives in a crazy town with no one watches anime where I live...RETARDED TOWN.
welp, i skate too not a pro but I can skate i can two tricks and so...
i enjoy watching anime andd stuff like that
so that's all I have guys.
my discord is ShadowMan76#7345

peace ;^)

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