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(Echo) Echo Recruitment Thread

To apply you have to:

-Be Black belt or above.

-Be active in Toribash.

-Read our clan thread before applying.

Your application will need to have the following included



-Where you live


-Favorite mods

-A little about yourself

-Clans you have been in and reasons of why you left

-activity Ingame (1-10 scale)

-Have you read the CLAN THREAD?

-Do you Understand the Rules?

-Discord Username and #number (Example Error#0404)

-What you can do for the clan.

We will reply within a few days.
Good Luck!

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Age: 13

Gender: Male

Where you live: America

Belt: Super Rusty

Favorite mods: Aikidobigdojo.tbm, Aikido.tbm, greykido.tbm, rbgreykido.tbm
About myself: I like going outside and hanging out with my friends, when im not on im usually sleeping or doing some stupid shit at a park

Past clans: Iv been in a number of clans and i left most of them because the members were toxic or the clan was dying out.
Have i read the clan thread/ Do i understand the rules: Yes i have read the clan thread and completely understand the rules.

Discord: Crow#9564
What i can do: I can help this clan win wars, recruit, and host tourneys or other events that happen in the future.
My activity: 9
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