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Old Apr 20, 2017   #11
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5th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Mar 2016
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toribarny | Rashiraba : Contact me via Discord to see when i could test you.
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Old May 15, 2017   #12
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3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Mar 2016
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Clan: Kaotic

Main - Apazon
Belt/Dan - 2nd dan black belt
Why? - Detox seems like a cool guy so i want to join
Prior Clans - I was in Saror
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Old May 25, 2017   #13
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Real Name:Gavin
Prior clan:Vanir Gods if you want to know ranking it is 5th
Reason:I would like to join this clan because it seems like a good community and laid back and a clan where u can chill and just have fun with your community.

Hobbies:gaming,fishing,baseball, and playing cards
Age: 14
Favorite Mods:Akido,Mushu, and judo

Thanks for reading my Application!!!
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Old May 30, 2017   #14
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Brown belt

cause i have no other clans to chose.

-Prior clans-
Heart Less

+i like to keep applications short+
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Old Jul 11, 2017   #15
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Main - Mushu
Belt/Dan - Blue
Why? -Because i would love to join a clan where i can be myself and make friends and have fun
Prior Clans - None
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Old Jul 17, 2017   #16
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Im pretty lazy so im going to do it in this format

Main - FEXTAKe
Belt/Dan - Brown Belt
Why? - Because the clans I have been in have been shit or dead and this clan seems pretty nice and I wanna lead this clan TO VICTORY!
Prior Clans - Sinned
When you got memes 8=====D
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Old Aug 11, 2017   #17
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Name - Khuun
Belt - Blue Belt
Speciality - Tricking, Parkour, Spar and MAS
Why ?-Because I search clan HAPPY ! And I am French excuse me in the my English...
Prior Clans - None
Attached Files
File Type: rpl Training Tricking 2.rpl (348.5 KB, 0 views)
File Type: rpl Parkour Solo#-1.rpl (853.1 KB, 1 views)
File Type: rpl Breakdance.rpl (380.5 KB, 1 views)
File Type: rpl #Khuun-T VS Khuun-T#MAS-1.rpl (528.7 KB, 2 views)
File Type: rpl Tricking Hard.rpl (185.3 KB, 0 views)

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Old Aug 13, 2017   #18
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Your age: 13
Your belt : green
Your skills: nothing much
Your gender (Male , Female): Male
Do you have discord , skype...: i have discord ( name is josh)
Talk to us a bit about your life: im an aussie teakwondoer and i rage over geometry dash
You will tell how much on a bar of 10 how much you are active in game: 8 1/2 - 10
And also on a bar of 10 how much you are active on the forum: 9/10
and why you applied: because yall seem like cool guys and i think ill grow stronger being in a clan
Prior clans: Team 7


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Old Aug 22, 2017   #19
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2nd Dan Black Belt
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I want to join.
Main - Jenju
Belt/Dan - 2nd dan black/ half way till 3rd dan black
Why? - I like the sound of the clan and this clan seems nice.Also because i dont see beta ppl alot, so i kinda wanna keep it alive in-game, i dont really go on forums/post anything.
Prior Clans - pysch0 and fade and i might be accepted into tron.
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Old Sep 2, 2017   #20
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Recruitment Thread
green belt
i would like to join the club (beta) so i can help in future fights and tournments
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