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Old Apr 23, 2017   #11
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hello there my name is ammar and am 15 years old , 4th dan player and i live in lebanon "Gmt +2" i play toribash everyday 1-3 hours i want to join your clan since i know a lot of players in it and i could help too i have fun to play other game but toribaash more its amazing i go to gym 1-2 hours per day so sometime i dont have too much time to play games sometimes i read some books but not too much and yea i hope u accept me

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Old Apr 23, 2017   #12
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From:Varna,Bulgaria(We have a beach here ;) )
3rd dan belt
Previous clans:A lot but i remember [Bleu] , (Bla) and one more that was long ago
Playng since summer 2010 but forgot my first acc
My real name is Emil and I also play csgo I like moviemaking(not so good at it
Know the clan from Trestet he is also Bulgarian we met in abd turney pretty good guy.
I am also active as from some days and my fav mods are abd,aikido,judo.Have played once against rutzor back in 2010 or 2011 don't remember if I w/l but I am pretty sure i lost haha.
The clan seems fun and I would like to participate in clan events as well since my last clan was inactive.

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Old Apr 23, 2017   #13
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Hi im IKoorie , i have 17 years old and my gmt is +1. My hobbies is the table tennis , swiming and toribash. I have start toribash in 2015 with my first account : Toribashi4.My all first clan is vampire , vanirgodz , Profits stealers , i leave ps because the clan dead vampire kick me (no reason done) and i leave vanirgodz before this clan not believe in me. Abbout me :My real name is Ariane, im a girl , im french heummm...i love the music ,im creative example : you look my logo i create THIS logo, im mature and enthusiaste.Abbout me in toribash : Im brown belt my first account is 2nd dan black belt ,im not very active in because my pc dead for but im very active in the forum.I join this clan because i have a friend in this clan (space,si tu lis ca space je voulait dire connaissance) and the real trestet in !

for trestet :-With a frame is better no?

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火 土 水 空

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Clan: glitch_

Application Form For AS
Hi, My name is Andrea Pironti.... I live in Italy and My GMT is 2+

Well, I have been doing tricking and spars, and mainly i focus on ABD, but for fun I like to play boxshu.

I was born in Singapore, but my parents originate from Italy. I have been doing fencing for around 9 years now and im in the Italian national team (just felt the need to showoff and mention that )

There will be some points where I will be inactive due to my competitions and stuff, don't worry i will notify you and most competitions only last for a day or two, so that will be my max inactivity.....

I am not too known in the community but i doubt it will take me too long...

I hope to be welcomed into AS,
Grid ;)

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Old Apr 24, 2017   #15
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Hi, I found this clan and saw my friend 'StringTheory' and im a replaymaker ( Tricker ) . Im from Brunei and GMT is +8. I can do voices like cleveland , peter , joe and stewie from family guy and Terminator. I can do a bit of art and i sing......... a lot (BTW im a male) i love my cats and Theory is the first friend ive made not from my country. I became a tricker and a parkourer because of Mocucha and Trestet. I may not be active as much as i used to be due to my Wi-Fi dying evryday ill try to fix it as soon as i can.

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Old Apr 24, 2017   #16
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Hello, it's your boy Steakmaster,
I live in the Philippines, GMT+8. That is all. thank you very much.

Just kidding.

So, I am going to start off with my life outside TB, I'm in junior high and I am lazy and a procrastinator but planning changing myself when school starts. I am a bit athletic but it's too hot outside summer so I just stay inside.

Now inside TB, I played for a long time since 2013 but this account is 2 years old. This is just my second account. Forgot everything about my main.

App too long? Don't think so.

My discord is flat earther #9641

Don't know how to end the app so, enjoy your breakfast lunch and dinner hopefully you have a steak. :3

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<[Ae]reno> head is brain

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Hello my name is Vlad Samkov I live in Russia in city Ekaterinburg.

I'm 17


No Hobbies just sit at the computer(Yes I'm lazy)I sat down to play in 2012

Playing the mod:lenshu,rkmma,abd,and judo boxshu(played)

was in clans:TEKKEN,SINS

Why your clan:well, because soon there will be places it will be more popular polar clan WAPOW

I hope you will take in your rod

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WTF? Denied

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Hi, Im from philippines.. Philippines is GMT/UTC + 8h during Standard Time.
My Top 3 Mods are Abd, Boxshumushuv3 & aikido. I also spar sometimes. I was tested by Trestet and Grid something. I'm good. Hmmmmmm. I do taekwondo irl. playing league of legends. I usually play Tb 3-4hrs daily :> Philippines have a very slow internet that's why i cant join clanwars and i dont duel ( cos i might ping ) Tadaaaaaaa. Thats all.

Edit/Add ons
Why your clan? : I also want to be one of the stars *evil cough*

Previous clans? : _legacy something or legacy_ forgot cause its been half a year since i joined a clan

15 y o. so close to 17 y o :>

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Feed me

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Old Apr 24, 2017   #19
4th Dan Black Belt
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Posts: 138

Gumpert's Application (Again)
Hello All start. I am interested in joining the clan, so let's see what will happened .
Information about Me
First am gonna talk about my self so my real name is Ammar and am 16 years old i live in Lebanon (GMT +2) i like talking to my friends while playing and have fun with them sometimes on skype or steam i listen to music rarly but the most important thing to me is Toribash , because i really have fun when i play it with my friends i am also play csgo with friends if u want to join me go here --->

Toribash Account History
Now am gonna talk about my Toribash history , first my name ING is Gumpert60 i joined toribash at Aug 3, 2014 and now after 3 years of playing this game its still fun for me and i would to join a good clan and now i found it its "All stars" clan from i start from playing toribash i went to learn more about it and sometimes if i didnt play toribash because i had an exams in school and a lot of homeworks but mostly i prefer to spend my time to play it . from the other side i like to get friends from toribash not enemies i dont Rage/Flame a person without a reason so yeah that's my account history.
Fighting / Favourite Mods
my favourite mod is AikioBigDojo.tbm but I also like playing Aikido, Greykido, boxshu. When I am not in the mood for a fight I usually go to try a new mods or go to a tourneys I have been practicing them for around 1 years now and they are still fun for me
Why did i choose (AS)
this is the most important paragraph in my opinin because am gonna say why i choose All stars clan most to the friends join it and i would like to do same. Secondly I wanna join because the clan is warring a lot almost everyday and I really, really like warring.All start is like a big family , I also have choosen Obey, because it is great clan with great people in it.

THX for Reading

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Old Apr 25, 2017   #20
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10th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: All Stars

Hello, My name is Cameron Jenkins (Jencam13). This is my first application to join All Stars.
I live in South Carolina (Gmt-4), also the country i live in is the us.
I am a 15 year old male that is in 9th grade. On my free time, i like to play modded minecraft, talk to people on discord, play toribash and/or be on the fourms for a while.
Some days i would sit in my room and watch youtube to learn about the subjects that i have trouble with, or i would go outside like a scrub and play basketball with my friends.
When i be at school, i would still be able to talk on discord because i give no facks about my classes.

I know this app is a little short, but i know later on im going to parkour and do a little cork.
Yes i just wrote a sentence poem just now, but im going to dream about me with a crown.

Hope you all enjoy this application from me, because this is the best i can be.

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???? Corrupted Mind ????

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