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Old Aug 2, 2017   #41
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Tochukwu(ingame and real)
13(14 in less than a month :v)
9th dan
forum activityretty active 7/10 or so
ingame activity:all day everyday =3
toribash experience:just a normal toribash player tbh i have fun doing wars sometimes duels and cry when i lose all my items in a duel to a misclick
about my life:normal 13 year old boy doing normal 13 year old things. mainly as of the moment getting ready for school but you know. i just came back from new jersey yesterday so im pretty happy bout that
why do you want to join:my friends like xeneizear(he p cool) and mrmiyagy(leader of the first clan i ever joined) are in the clan. also i like naruto :^
favorite mods:erthtk abd and greykido(and boxshu)
yes i have both discord and skype
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Old Aug 3, 2017   #42
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F*** yeah
Man that's a yes for me : laugh:
"how fucking dear you imm trynna play the fucking but no if im orange belt then no one can fuck u bitch" - random dude Courtesy of Sleepy
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hello my name is Lucas, i am 15 and will be turning 16 soon, im an orange belt with past experience. im not super active on the forum but can be and im very active in game. ive played for 3-3 1/2 years and have had many accounts but this is my main. my highest rank was almost 2nd dan. i dont like having a dumb name i made when i was 12 so i made a new account. I still have a dumb name but its less dumb. I am a red belt in TaeKwonDo IRL, i am pretty active in that so tuesday thursday friday i am gone in the evening and school kinda keeps me busy during the day. i want to get into a community of people who are good and can help me improve and maybe spar with. my favorite mods are wushu and mushu. i have discord and can download skype again if i have to but would prefer to not because it slows down my computer.
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Old Aug 3, 2017   #44
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yo sixpaths, hope you could recognise me, id like to join your clan. I would donate regularly for the welfare of this clan. Hope you knew me already.
want to see my crazy replays where i kicked the balls of this clan fellow members?? just kidding ,i wanna be in a good clan breh. ;)
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Old Aug 4, 2017   #45
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Clan: Tank

vicky they dont want a cocky noob in their clan(jk)
<(Raven)g3tab0ut> seems like you have nothing nowhere near fate, Jhunter
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Old Aug 4, 2017   #46
6th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Tron

Name: DKilla123 (Or Darius)
Age: 19 Years Old
Belt: 5th Dan Black Belt
Forum activity: 1-10 (7)
Ingame activity: 1-10 (10)
Toribash experience: I've enjoyed my toribash experience every since ive been a member. I've learned about geographic features and physics while playing this game.
About your life: I live in Memphis, TN with my family. I'm supposed to be moving to Austin, TX With my dad. I love playing video games a lot & it really calms my nerves.
Why do you want to join: I want to join because i am a very deceptive aikidobigdojo player. I can win when really try, and people tend to underestimate me because of the kind of silly personality i have when playing toribash. I tend to get cocky sometimes B).
Favorite mods: AikidoBigDojo , Aikido, Wushu, Boxu
Do you have Discord,Skype: I do but you'd rarely catch me on it.
Replays (Optional): Sure
Please Watch
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*Watches you look at my Signature*

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Old Aug 5, 2017   #47
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I say yes, He's really good and he is an amazing personality as well. (Dkilla123)
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Old Aug 5, 2017   #48
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I give it a yes. welcome dkilla but just say hey every once in a while on discord
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Old Aug 11, 2017   #49
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Hi my name is Piebomb4
I'm 14 yrs old
I am a brown belt 150 matches away from black
I am usually on both forum and ingame
My Toribash experience isnt too great but you guys could help me learn some more
My life is mostly basketball and gaming but am also kinda smart ish
I want to join this clan so i can learn and have people that i know while i play toribash because i usually am pretty lonely when i play
My favourite mods are ABD, Greykido and Aikido
I have both Discord and Skype my username for skype is Piebomb4 and discord is also Piebomb4 cuz i Cant think of names
you can usually find me on ABD tourney or Greykido public server
Hopefully I have a chance of getting in, Thanks Piebomb4
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Old Aug 13, 2017   #50
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Your age: 13
Your belt : green
Your skills: nothing much
Your gender (Male , Female): Male
Do you have discord , skype...: i have discord ( name is josh)
Talk to us a bit about your life: im an aussie teakwondoer and i rage over geometry dash
how much on a bar of 10 how much i am active in game: 8 1/2 - 10
how active i am on forums: 9/10
why i want to apply: because yall seem like cool guys and i think ill grow stronger being in a clan

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