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by request ima stream right now

edit: stream ended

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Few questions to ask:

1) What advice would you give to people new to making replays?

2) What mindset do you have when you are creating your replays?

3) How does the idea for your replays start? Do you get inspiration from different places?
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make alot of replays.
when i started taking replaymaking serious i always had someone who would help me by cnc'ing every replay.
me and internet used to throw replays at each other and bash on each other which was really cool and every now and then nearly would REALLY bash on my replays and that helped me alot!

depends! when i'm making a replay on stream i'm mostly just trying to make something, which is why they sort of end up feeling "forced"
whenever i'm motivated to make something serious my mindset is often always trying to think outside the box no matter what i do

my inspiration comes from other replaymakers almost every time i want to start a replay, which means i'm usually just browsing the replay thread looking at random replays when i want to get started

when i've gotten started i get the inspiration to continue from whatever i do basically
example: i'll make a spin in an opener and go like "OH wonder if i can continue that with this!" and so on
sometimes i'll start a replay with a certain idea and follow that up, in those scenarios im not really sure where the idea comes from actually..
they just sorta pop up while i'm watching others replays and go like "wonder if *that replaymaker* could've done this", and then i try it myself
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