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Old Nov 29, 2017   #1
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[Old AS][Week 1] Net Neutrality
Hello everyone!
We have decided on doing weekly topic thread, will start the first week with something that is going viral nowadays and that is indeed Net Neutrality, whats your opinion on people?

Me personally, I don't think the vote on 14th of December will be accepted, simply because if it does, people will unite and protest the sh*t out of it.
The idea of it is so stupid really .. Internet is the one thing that isn't really behind some paywall yet and they wanna change that? I don't think so.
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Ive seen some of the news on net neutrality, and I'm really hoping it doesn't get implemented. I come from a struggling family, and having to pay that much to not be bottlenecked into a slow traffic stream would kill us. I don't think it would be implemented, but just in case, there's a website we can go to to protest our thoughts on the subject.

thanks for letting me invade!

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Shit idea and impossible currently,but i dont wanna say anything till 14th of december.
Money is everything for a lot of politician...
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I'm sorry if din't know this topic you guys talking about but can someone explain to me what's this 14th of December is?
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Ok, so If you haven't seen my post in Discussion and know about how I feel on this topic then ill post it here.

Originally Posted by Fates View Post
Why is this not the main topic of discussion, THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE!!! If internet providers partner with gaming companies this could effect the GAMING INDUSTRY AND EVERYONE IN IT. Your favorite games could be brushed aside in a rule-less internet. This doesn't just effect websites, this effects EVERYTHING INTERNET. If you think just because you don't live in the U.S you are safe, Well let me tell you once your government realizes just how much money is at stake doing this you could very well find yourself in our situation. This isn't just stupid, its dangerous. I genuinely fear for Ajit Pai's safety at this point, he will be messing with some peoples livelihoods.

Basically Ajit Pai is a Hack who was brought in, I believe under Obama, and was kept around when Trump took office. His whole premmise is how he hates Net Neutrality, the thing that keeps companies from restricting what you do with your internet as long as it's within the law. So Trump, being the amazing intellectual he is, decided that It would be best to make him CHAIRMAN of the FCC. (He has this really weird thing where he puts guys who hate the thing that they are working to protect in positions that are supposed to protect them: EPA chair, Secutary of Education, The FCC chair. are just some of many examples)

So Pai "wants to take a weed wacker to Net Neutrality" title 1 and 2 clauses. Under normal sleazy politician standards this would just be a case of a stupid moron not knowing what they are doing with their power, HOWEVER, and this part is important; Guess what Ajit Pai used to do? Be a Lawyer for Verizon... AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER... see the obvious conflicts of interest? So its blatantly obvious that at the very least this is all because he wants to do a solid for his Verizon buddies to help them and their friends get rid of their competition. The best way to do that is to drown them out which Net neutrality currently prevents people from doing.

Figures all this shit would be going down on the 14th, the day I go see star wars, Imma get hyped only get into a panic attack that the internet will be killed by a moron doing greedy things.
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/jo heat
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can someone use simple words to explain it to me? English isnt my first language and i didnt understand anything of what that dude said
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Old Nov 29, 2017   #7
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It will be accepted, go to Congress, the repealed imo

i miss you ocean
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Good to see what i posted is spreading everywhere.

i agree, it's honestly bullshit.
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Old Nov 29, 2017   #9
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Originally Posted by Elite View Post
Good to see what i posted is spreading everywhere.

i agree, it's honestly bullshit.

Complete bullshit*
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Old Nov 30, 2017   #10
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I hate the idea.
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