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If I was hunched over like my head pointing the ground how would i stand up?
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It always heavily depends on your position and stance, but usually extending hips and abs should do the trick.
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Believe or not, keeping balance and standing up is one of the hardest things to do in the game. There is no real "trick" to standing up or maintaining balance, its all about your center of gravity and how you apply force.

A good thing to do is figure out what you would have to do in real life to stand up and then try to emulate that in TB. Surely its not a 1 to 1 translation ever but it gives some guidance if you are not super familiar with the movement of your tori.
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I don't think I'm that great but...

my trick is relax all, hold one knee and the glute on the opposite side. this works great. i can then play with the lumbar. always remember to use your lumbar and butt together! lol. when setting up for kicks and whatever, your lumbar doesn't have to be going the same direction as your chest. when you rotate your chest it throws the same leg forward and the other back, generally and your arms the other way. EG turn chest right, right foot goes forwards, left back, right arm down and back, left arm forward and up and you'll see what i mean. but back to walking, if you have the right leg and the left glute held, and you want to step, try rotating chest left, play with lumbar if you tilt too far one way, change sides.

remember the joints are all connected to one another. when you stand or walk irl you don't tense every joint in your body stiff as a board, we shift our weight around and try to stay relaxed.

I whipped up a replay for you, i suck tho there's better examples out there.
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