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Nabi Partner System

Today we're introducing the Nabi Partner System.

What is Nabi Partner System about?

This program allows you to submit your custom made Toribash items to be publicly released in game - and you can get paid for it. It's essentially a remastered version of the old 3D Item Submissions system that was run by Item Forgers.

Ok, but how is it different?

There are several changes brought by Nabi Partner System:

  • More types of items available for submission: in addition to 3D body models, you can also submit 3D joint items, floor models and hairstyles
  • You get instant TC payments from any item purchase made by players (10% of item price)
  • You will also receive a one-time USD payment when your item is approved (or TC alternative if you prefer that)

What's the process?

  1. You create your model(s) or design a hairstyle. Here's a link that you may find helpful: Ezeth's modeling tutorial.

  2. Once your item(s) are ready, send what you got to me on forum or via email.
    You have to include your item's name. Additionally, you can specify a description for it and a desired item price - however, we reserve the right to change both upon release.
    You will be informed that your submission has been received and if it fits all the requirements we'll start processing it.

  3. After that, there are two options:
    • Your item has been approved - this means that you will receive a PM / email confirming that your item is now being prepared for release. You will be asked to provide us with your PayPal account info to make the initial USD payment for your submission (alternatively, you can get a TC payment instead). The payment will depend on the planned item price, item complexity and expected sales.
      Once the item is released, you will start receiving 10% of item's TC price (or the equivalent item price if it's sold exclusively for USD) each time someone purchases your item from Torishop.
    • Your item has been declined - we'll inform you and suggest possible ways of making your submission better.

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Originally Posted by Obazu View Post
Is there a definitive list of existing 3D items anywhere? Would be a bummer to spend time on making an item just to find out some legend has one you don't know about.

There is this list but I guess Sir can make a better one

Sir do you know the average time I should wait to hear about an item?
Or does it just depend on the item?
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how much would you get paid in USD
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this is absolute great!!
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Nice work Sir
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I have a question. if I send you a 3d model, and I don't have paypal, or anything like that, may I be payed in tc instead?
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Yes, sure.
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Originally Posted by Legendexpe View Post
how much would you get paid in USD

I guess it would be assumed by the quality of the product, or how much it actually sells, though don't take my word for it, it is just an assumption.
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Old Oct 20, 2017   #28
Your assumption is correct. It makes sense that we won't be giving same payment for models of different quality.
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This is a wonderful incentive for creative players of any kind, I'm sure plenty are thankful for the opportunity to have their work shown- and many more who are willing to support the awesome things that come through with it.
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if I make an item thats good enough and it gets accepted, can I just get a really long wibbles pass?
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