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(Tai) Taira wants new sparrers!
Taira clan was founded as a way to try and unite the sparrers of tomorrow, in the hopes that they can learn and progress together to become some of the greats.

when applying, remember that i care more about your attitude to learning how to spar, than your current ability, because ability can be worked on, attitude is however harder.

To apply please tell us;

Your GMT:
Your sparring style:
Your age:
What you hope to achieve:
Why you want to apply for Taira:
Your discord tag (if you have discord):
And please include at least two replays showing your current skill as this will help me rank you.

Thank you

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I could go for anything that I can think of as long as it looks smooth enough for me to feel that it is good. My age is 16, I hope to achieve a higher capability at realism, as I struggle with minor details, and I feel like being in a clan with people that know more can help me improve. I am wanting to apply for Taira as I hope to achieve a great level of skill with the provided help of the clan and be an active member in toribash.
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