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Old Feb 22, 2017   #1191
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Clan: Wind

1: Age: 20 years
2: How long have you been playing Pokemon:Since 12 years
3: Favorite Pokemon:Arcanine
4: Favorite region:Kanto
5: Ingame Activity and Forum Activity:Ingame 8/10 Forum 7/10
6: Small bio about you and you're pokemon life: I have a bit of activity like singing, electro but when I'm bored I play pokemon, I play pokemon platinum, red pokemon, pokemon X, pokemon ruby omega, pokemon sun, ect ...
My friend code: 2320-7223-6086

Hey it's me Martin Garrix

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Old Feb 23, 2017   #1192
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Clan: Frost

Welcome to the org `-`excuse our deadness
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Old Feb 23, 2017   #1193
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Clan: Wind

thanks ^^

Hey it's me Martin Garrix

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Old Mar 8, 2017   #1194
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i got pokemon moon and it's great

chose rowlet as my starter
i dont really like his mid evo but decicdiueye is rly nice

litten is good until it evolves to incineroar
the seal is ugly

team skull is the best team

the music in this game is rly good
especially guzma's battle music
when he sent golisopod for the first time i was like holy fffUCK

difficulty is mmEH totem vikavolt is the only one who almost killed my entire team
also hau's psychic raichu
im not using exp share

im in the third island atm

golisopod is the best pokemon period

my team rn has decidueeyeye, salazzle, goliso, edgy wolf, charjabus andd wishiwashi
ok i regret what i said i got my ass kicked in the ghost trial

just had to use toxic on him

also i patched my game so the models don't have outlines, it looks so much better

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Old Mar 17, 2017   #1195
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i finished it last night

the game is great tbh, however it still has some rly stupid flaws

- the rotom dex
it's just a pokedex with a map
and that's it
you can also take photos with it but it only works on certain spots
idk why didn't they add any dexnav features, it's just really dumb
but well, at least they introduced poke pelago

- no hordes wtf??
i know the 3ds has a seizure everytime a horde appears in the last two games, but man that feature was rly nice
specially for ev training

- there's like 10 new pokemon and a few alolan forms
ngl this gen has some really unique mon designs but fuck i wish it had some more new pokemon
everytime i entered a new route there was like 4 mons from past gens and like 2 new mons and maybe some yungoos or wtver

-exp share still broken

-now you can't fish anywhere u want but i don't really care that much

-that flying type girl from the elite four
she just appears out of nowhere
did they run out of characters or something
like who the fuck is this

-difficulty is weird
some totems are super easy while some others are rly strong like totem mimikyu or vika
everything after the first lusamine battle felt really balanced, went through the elite 4 underleveled and it was p fun. i even had to use the exp share

-you can't find special pokeballs anywhere

idk what else

most of the characters are p nice
nanu is great
the story is good
great music
team skull is great

oras is next
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Old Apr 30, 2017   #1196
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1: 14
2: Since Ruby/Sapphire
3: Blaziken
4: Alola (It's new, but I like it.)
5: 8/10 In-game (I play about every day) 2/10 forums (I don't go to forums that often, but that could change)
6: I started off with the original Ruby, then went off to play Gold, Heartgold, Fire Red,
White 2, Y, Omega Ruby, and now Sun. I also just started watching the anime, never got to watch it in my childhood. (Love it, thought)
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