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Old May 17, 2017   #41
3rd Dan Black Belt
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I live in Mumbai, India, Asia. My GMT IS : (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi.
I am 13 year old male.
Discord: Arunesh#2465
I am a Black belt with 1009 Qi
I wanted to join this clan for far long than i can remember. I have tried many times to get in this clan. This is my 1st ever clan and it holds a special place in my heart.
I'm not that active on the forums because i dont see anything much of my interest but at times i do post art or art request/item requests and i try to participate in events so i would rate my forum activity 6 out of 10. Hope u recruit me. Thanking u in anticipation


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Old May 18, 2017   #42
10th Dan Black Belt
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Hey this is my app ;p

I live on the east coast with a GMT of -5.
I'm 15 years old and I'm male.
My discord is apatheticp #3175
I'm a 10th dan black belt with around 12000 Qi.
I'm an old friend of K1ngslay3r, so he suggested I joined ;p. Also, I've just came back from around a 3 month break, which is always fun, so I guess I'd like to get back into warring. Er, I'm not interested about tc or anything so I don't really use the forums outside of organizations and clan discussions. If I had to rate my forum activity though, it would be around a 4. Anyways, I hope I am accepted so I can start warring with k1ng like I used to.

Edit: Sorry but I would like to cancel my application. I waited a week and got no response, and I haven't seen k1ngslay3r or the leader of this clan online while I was online for the whole week. Sorry for any inconvenience.
(Leash)ApatheticP: plz dont use me
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5th Dan Black Belt
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Hi there! My name is Benjamin and I live in Sweden and my GMT is +5.
I am a 13 year old guy who just plays for the sake of playing.
my discord tag is DJ Coocumbah#3480.
I am a 5th dan black belt and my Qi is 5121.
The reason I want to join this clan is because I have always been looking for a steady clan that doesn't die or just straight up stop playing. I do know one person in here so far and that is Oshun, he seems nice. I am pretty active in the forums in my opinion but I tend to take around 1-2 hour breaks between my 4-6 hours of playing.
I am under your bed... :)

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Blue Belt
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Hello Fellow Players! I'm here to apply for Satire. First off, I have talked to bloodrec and obviously he told me to send an app you guys' way! So here I am!

I currently reside In Virginia, United States of America.

I'm 14 and A Male.

My Discord is: KorebZz-ExtracTt #1976 (Pm me for my skype.)

I'm a few matches off a brown belt and my Qi is: 455

I've always wanted to join a clan who is like a family. People who know how to compete and have fun. That will except people who are willing to put countless hours into making that family better. And for that reason I came to Satire!

I can be as active as you need me to be but usually I check the forums a few times an hour. I'm usually on after about 3PM EST.


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Old Jun 15, 2017   #45
10th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: May 2014
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Sorry for the inactiveness. Ace ill have yo decline because your a blue beot. We only accept black belts and over.
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Old Jun 15, 2017   #46
2nd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Apr 2017
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Hoi, I'm Ben, 1Rodia1.

Let's get the basic stuff out of the way:

I live in PA, Eastern Time Zone.

I'm Black and have 1381 QI

I'm Male

My discord is {Rodia}#3359


I feel like this clan would excell in my skill level.


I feel like this clan would help my love FOR TORIBASH and make it even more fun.


Toribash plays a big part in my life, I WANT TORIBASH TO HAVE A BIGGER MARGIN.


I'm not very active on forums, I might later. If you want to talk to me, do it through Discord. When I'm on Toribash, I'm on Discord.

I won in the recruitment 3-0 against Tiny.

Time for the original stuff:

I'm homeschooled.

Oshun is my toribash equivalent of 'BFF.'

I love countryballs. LOVE 'EM SO MUCH.

I'm not a grammar nazi as you see here.

That avatar that I'm wearing is Denletion. [Mapping VoidViper]


Story Time:

Nerdcubed brought me to this game.


It was February 1st when I asked Dad if i could get Toribash.

I didn't have any computer skills back then, hence i couldn't download it myself.

Dad downloaded it.

Bla Vla Bla... OSHUN!

It was a day still in Feburary, I awoke, and in the evening as a Blue Belt I met Oshun. I don't remember of the first conversation, but we become friends almost instantly.

I used to play private rooms and stuff with him.


It was a day in the middle of February, 2016 that Oshun joined (Polar) I followed him in to the clan.

I can't explain the unexplainable amounts of fun all the polar members and I had when we gathered all the members into private rooms for hours on end. We mod searched, We killed each other one to many times, and it happened almost everyday!


I got hacked the moment after I got 2nd dan.
I forgot the name of the hacker.
I was sad when it happened, and I bet Oshun was too.


*I figure that today will be the day I get back on toribash.* That thought swirled through my mind on April, 22, 2017
Then I though, "That's enough, lets get this baby started."
I made a new account, 1Rodia1.

I it was a day, somewhere in early May, when i met Oshun again. It was a joy for both of us incomprehensible.


Yet to come.

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Old Jun 16, 2017   #47
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Black Belt
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-Where do you live?:United Kingdom
-Black Belt
-Would like to join because this clan looks active and has friendly members to what i have experienced
-quite active on forum and game
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Old Jul 21, 2017   #48
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2nd Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Strike

Hello there applicants to Satire, I'm Neon, or Mike and I would like to formally apologise on behalf of the clan for our in-activeness, any applications after this "Message" will be thoroughly read and tended to so if you want to re-post them that is fine and either I or any hierarchy will attend to your application, you will then be tested on skill if we accept, sorry for the inconvenience - NeonPink (Recruiter)
Misty :"my solid snake had gotten EVEN MORE SOLID!"
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Old Jul 21, 2017   #49
I want the item below
10th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Midnight

lol I posted mine and it had no reply for 2 weeks so I deleted and now I'm already in clan so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #50
3rd Dan Black Belt
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I live in London, England is my city :^) , I am 18 and I'm a guy with a pretty good Trap voice. My Discord is Darren#7174, I so happen to be a Black Belt, 3rd Dan; 3317 QI
I saw how good you guys were and because my clan was dying I was seeking new friends and stumbled upon you guys at night, as well as this your clan has a really cool theme and tag. I've been really inactive as of late due to missing motivation from this game but I'm back and here to stay so I should be pretty active.

(I only did the app because I felt bad that I lost and still got in)
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