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Help with Moves
Hello, I need help when I'm trying to do some special moves.
When i try to do it, the tutorial sometimes does "Space x2"
But when i try to do it, it takes too long and then i drop to the ground before i try to even do the next step. Any help? I'm not sure if this is normal.
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So when you press space, it does it twice. Maybe that has to do with your space bar key, I've never heard of this error. Are you pressing the key too hard? Also, before you try to do your move you just fall? Are you pressing r?
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No Miyagy, he is saying the tutorial is asking him to press the space 2 times....

NeonUltra, most tutorials require specific settings, such as engage distance, turn frames and gravity (can be found when you do ctrl + g). Make sure that you are in the same settings as tutorials specify, if it does. I would also highly encourage to try and make moves yourself, that way you will learn movement and create much more unique and personalised moves

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Oh of course, i forgot that one. Thank you!
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exactly what concoon said, maybe you are using the wrong mod.


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