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Old May 17, 2017   #171
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@Shadowman, sorry denied
@Edca, posted for discussion.

@Edca and @HahaLOLOL, welcome to the clan guys

On a side Note: Only 5 spots left in the clan!

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Hi I'm Sanjiz, I've played TB for around 3 years and some. I quit for a while the game got boring. I was in some pretty decent clans nothing too good i.e. (Wapow, Vq, Jolt). I'm an abd player and it is my favorite mod I'd think I would get along well with the members in this clan I have played with a fair amount of them before. Played in 2014 CL for Wapow. I'm a Guyanese American and I live in new jersey and some things I like to do are play with my yoyo and listen to music. I like Kendrick lamar, jcole, and asap
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@Sanjiz, posted for discussion.
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@trestet why me?
wanna more information?
hi my name is ShadowMan76 and im a black belt player, i've been playing toribash since August 2012 and haven't played in 2014-2016 cuz of internet, i started playing again at december or january and that explains why im still a black belt.
i'm 13 yrs old and im a boy, my GTM: is 2+ i live in Norway, Ostfold, Fredrikstad sometime im in Somalia so i want to join All Stars because i like joining wars and being with new friends and if you want i can give 100 tc daily to clan bank and im active Friday-Sunday BC im in school.
my fav. mods are: judo, ABD, aikido and teakkyon.
hope you accept my app, im not that good making applications, and im not a memelord if you dont like them.

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Hi this is er571, again you can call me Kiri, this is my 2nd time trying to join the the clan so yeah I hope I get accepted this time.

my favorite mods are aikido, abd and mushu my main mods are aikido and abd.

I've been practicing aikido big dojo or abd for short because mainly wars are in abd.

I'm a 2nd dan belt in game of course, I am online at Sat. and Sun. [(USA) Fri. and Sat.] because of lots of training on martial arts. ill be online everyday of the start of june 1/2.

Why I wanted to join?
I wanted join because I want to be apart of this clan and able to have fun with you guys.

Why consider me?
I've been training in abd to be able to help you guys in clan wars and I want to benefit my self to be worthy to join you.

GMT +8
Country: Philippines

P.S I ditched one of my martial art class just to train. XD
P.P.S I broke the toaster

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Hi my name is Arkin my gmt is +8 and i live from the lovley place called Philippines. I like to join your clan bescause i want to do My best for the good of this clan and to find friendly people. Im currently learning how to spar ingame. Ive also gained knowledge of being a recuiter, also I like competetive matches and mods such asaikidobigdojo and quick aikido. My previous clans are nightshade,flame and enforce there I learned of being a part of a clan. I want to join this clan to reach my true potential of this game because i want to lend a hand to others. Considering me in this can be a new beginning for me.

I also serve the lord cause im a catholic and joining a feel like im being a part of something therefore i want to have an opprtunity of joining this clan can be a big change for i want to have progress of something with the help of these worthy people.

joining a big clan can be hard for me but I want to change My ways
physically and mentaly so Im starting my desire and have a new goal and guarantee a skillful way of being a part of this clan therefore I will do my best to our goal.
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Everyone's app is posted for discussion
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Old May 21, 2017   #178
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no,its not a joke
I Started to play toribash because of some autistic cringey youtubers,that mentioned that some people were making good stuff (they were talkin about swexx,and the torilegends n shit...) , so i decided to search and i found it,i got impressed as fuck and i decided to try to get good at toribash,so i spent like 5 hundred hours of my fukin god damn life to understand the fricking game and then , i started to spar with Bloodage , some time later,i started to try to trick,it was hard as fuck at first but i was slowly learnin until today , so i started to make real progress and thats why i think im worth of even trying to join All Stars
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@Hmsgr, posted for discussion
God dammit

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Sadly, everyone has been denied.
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