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I'd prefer to play w/o simulator
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Looking for a game my friend played when they were a kid, maybe pre 2000s, 10 or 15 years ago

It was a game with 3d graphics, some kind of forest, you have a bow and arrow and you are a hunter, at the start you are shooting deer, but there are also monsters. Graphics weren't very good. There's lots of trees that you can walk in amongst. The colors were really basic. It was a pc game. There were red splats of blood when you shoot the things. Might have been first person or maybe you could change view. It would change from day to night some times.

Info may not be reliable since it was so long ago.
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All I can think of is Tomb Raider. Not so sure about the tree part.
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I'm looking for some kind of game, involving fighting block blob creatures, that has a heavy asian influence. Lots of physics based mechanics too. Any ideas?
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