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queen of the forest, it's a unique chest that most dex builds use.

just checked that video, damage looks ok without seeing the tree/items aside from the fact that the dude literally uses some shitty RMT website to advertise his build like what in the actual fuck is that shit, triggers me hard.

aside from whatever that retarded rmt website is, the tree looks like every generic earthquake tree and he just adds poison to get more people to check out his illegal website.

you'll be fine if you keep following the tree/items/whatever else but i would stay far away from that website and any similar ones in the future, try looking around the actual poe forums because most popular builds are originally posted there in the guide section.

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I was wondering what was up with the website he was advertising on
I didn't know it was illegal thanks for explaining that
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any form of RMT is an instant ban so yeah

anyway im mad they extended the league i was planning on not playing until next league
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just started playing as a witch
any advices?

also i've heard melee is kinda shitty, is that true?
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look at build guides and just play through the game, try to understand what the build guide is telling you to do instead of just mindlessly putting points in the tree, etc.

melee is fine, it's just not going to clear as fast or be as safe (in general) as most other things. i would say that it's just slightly weaker in terms of clearspeed and survivability but at the same time a shitty player playing a meta build is going to suck compared to a good player playing a melee build.
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