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(Reap) Soul Reapers' Recruitment Center
Death's 4th revival. Or was it 5th?


Feel like reaping the Toriworld's evil souls? Give it a shot:

Applications are free-form, which means that you just write about yourself ingame, and if you're comfortable with it, IRL. Note that this does not mean that you need to write, like, a five paragraph essay. Even a few sentences work.

You must provide at least one replay. Replays serve as substitution for an ingame test. If you provide no replays or a replay which shows nothing ("i played lolnades lol"), you'll either be tested ingame or denied.

If you spar, trick, do madman replays or any of that other fancy stuff, please provide one of those replays. (i really like those)

If you have a good application, chances are you'll be invited immediately. If it needs some thought or discussion, Recruiters and Leaders will vote over whether or not you're accepted.

Soul Reapers is a bit competitive, with a decent base in sparring. We also occasionally host training sessions; usually on sparring and parkour.

You do not need to post an application if we recruited you ingame. Your attitude, fighting skill, and wish to get better shows more than enough.
i know, that sounded really uptight and professional, whatever

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i quit by accident can you invite me back
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Old Jan 4, 2016   #3
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I am currently a 4th dan black belt and I play every day right now and I will play almost every day when school starts again in 2 days. I want to join a clan (yours specifically) because it gets pretty boring playing by yourself and I really want to participate in some clan events. I'm 14 and I'm a freshmen in high school. Replays are below I apologize because both were taken today since I had to redownload the game on my new pc and I can't get the old replay files.
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I am a Brown Belt ( not for long anymore though ^^) playing mostly aikido but sometimes greykido ninjutsu and taido aswell. When im not playing games i am animating Intros etc. or drawing textures with my Tablet. Im looking to get better in parkour in the future aswell so these future parkour training sessions would be interesting!
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File Type: rpl Freestyling Moves.rpl (103.5 KB, 1 views)

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I looked into both applications and decided to accept both of you, welcome to Reap guys =]
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Hi My Name Is Leonel
My UserName Is You69Down
My Age Is 15
My Belt Is Black Belt
My Previous Clan Is Predator
Im Good In Mushu:Wushu:Aikido And AikidoBigDojoThanks For The Time

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Clan: Reckless

Hello. I am ShadowIWS, a 2nd Dan Black belt.

I have entered 2 other clans, but sadly, my latest clan has died.

I am great at aikido and I am quite good at sparring. By quite good, I can move around the map, stand up, walk, run, and do other realistic things. Those are the only things Im good at though. I can do other mods, but Im not that good at them.

Previous clans: Predator (Accepted)
Shouting (Invited)
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plz recruite me
I'm trying to find a clan to join so I found yours and thought i would ask you to recruit me
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hi, old (reap) leader here, used to be ukeassassin. i was the one who did most of the things
clan's dead, has been for a long time. it's not going to be revived again, that first little part of the op wasn't a joke. Verlyx, the founder, really did not care about this clan.

if you're reading this, don't post here. It's done now.

If you're looking for a clan like this, though, check out (shi)nobi of the kuso clan, the chill clan I'm currently leading with Itzanovich.

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Rainbows :D
Hi i'm not creative so just please look at the replays. Also i say eh a lot. and i know its closed i just thought its funny
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