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Originally Posted by Cobra View Post

In addition, he'll receive: 5 Shiai Tokens!

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Can you name and explain all of the lyric genres please, Cobra?Also, are you able to trade Shiais to other accounts?
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Incoming raps from pimp
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Originally Posted by cats View Post

ffs now im going to have to make a video and sing this shit?
dammmn xD

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wow such a great event but all genre are the welcome? like dubstep as exampe(wub wub wb weep weep...)?
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Imma take a crack at this, I write sounds when i am moody so this should be fun


I know it is a bit clunky but its a WIP :P
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Yea so here's a little rap for you.

"I play this game like"

Here ya go

Just a quick WIP I might add some more and trim up the edges but for now I'm done. B)

Edit: From I be out in cally to the end I used the end part of this rap Skip to 58 secs and listen to the end for it. That's the only thing here I've used for help. And so this concludes my entry! Hope you guys like it :3
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