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Old Mar 18, 2017   #1
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Clan: Valhalla

(Valhalla) Valhalla
This is Valhalla. The dead who reside in Valhalla, live a life that would have been the envy of any warrior.
But the warriors won’t live this charmed life forever. Valhalla’s battle-honed residents are there by the will of their leader,
who collects them for the perfectly selfish purpose of having them come to his aid in his fated struggle

Valhalla clan forum :

- Don't be ignorant, have fun.
- Don't take it too seriously.
- Higher ranked members are here to help
- Reach top 50 in ranks
- Become Offical
- Dont look down on other members,
Noone is better than someone else,
Always look at people with the most respect,
no matter the age, The skill, The belt, The looks, everyones good at something, Always remember that

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Old Mar 25, 2017   #2
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Cool you should also add the Discord room on it, also we need to decide what we want the logo to be
Man it's so dead in here...

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Old Apr 4, 2017   #3
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Clan: Valhalla

Hi dere
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Old May 18, 2017   #4
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request to be clan queen, do it thanks. c;
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Old May 25, 2017   #5
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Thanks for changing muh ranks bb!!! Cx
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Old Jun 20, 2017   #6
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Hello everybody! My name is olympicon, and i would like to apply for a position in this clan. My stats will be below.


Belt:Blue (a gnat's tadger away from brown)
Country: India
Name: /\///\/_//-\ on steam (COOL AF)
Matches Played: 440 sumn
Win Rate: 45%

My Personal Likings:

Judo,Aikido and jousting

Why i want to join:

To help this clan in clan wars(also to have a cool ass addition to my name!)

What the clan can do for me:

Train me and also gimme 10k toricredits to buy hair.

Thats It! i hope you will let me join.
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Old Jun 21, 2017   #7
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Clan: RETA

multiapplier dismiss him just a heads up
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Old Jun 21, 2017   #8
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Whats that mean

Btw why are you trying to ruin my chances in getting into a clan?

also plz tell me the meaning of multiapplier no ones telling me that
Also Valhalla members forget about the money part i just need training

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Old Jun 25, 2017   #9
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The hells our dicord?
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Old Sep 17, 2017   #10
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Clan: Tron

Lemme join me gonna do good and help ye fellas rise to the tope...not from the country just thought it would be funny ; me help you xD
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