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(Obey) Recruitment
IMPORTANT: The application MUST be in a free-form paragraph/s, any other format will be instantly shot down and denied. In addition, you will be instantly denied if you are in another clan when you submit your application.

Who are we?

We are Obey, in a nutshell we are an active sparring, warring, competitive, replay making and above all, a social family. That being said, we're very keen to get some new members and so we're inviting you all to post about yourself. What we look for in a member is not purely about numbers, ranks and belts, we'd gladly accept you if we think you're worth it. Furthermore, even if you aren't skilled, if we like you, you may still have a place at Obey. So remember, we're after the entire package, not fragments.

The application.

So you want to be a fully-fledged member of Obey. Well before you can do that, there are a couple of things you have to do. First of all you have to submit your app, in this app you must include the following
  • Name
  • Age
  • GMT
  • Replays
  • Competitive game modes (or other strengths)
  • Some general stuff about yourself (we want to know about you)
  • And if possible, make it as thorough and interesting as possible

Your app is an expression about your strengths and your identity, so it's to your best interest that it leaves a good impression on us, while it may be awkward being a braggart, your app is meant to impress us.

So you got accepted.

If your app is accepted, you become a trial member of Obey and will be listed as a trial member on our forums, you'll be on trial for a week (or longer if need be) where you'll be able to post on our board, talk on us in our Skype chatroom, and play with us. After about a week has passed, we'll discuss our impression of you and will ultimately decide on whether you are accepted or denied from trial.

Special note: Players who've we met on our servers, you'll still have to write a full app, however, since we have an idea about your skill and in-person character we'd judge you less harshly making the process a lot easier.

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Hello! I'm very happy that I'm the first one to apply for obey. My name is Aidy but people always mock me because of that do just call me suh, because my steam name is suh dude. I am a 16 year old boy. I live in Vancouver Canada so the GMT is -8 hours. I was one of the war marshals for Vengeance (Ve) for a long time, then I got moved to a recruitment officer lately. My best mods are abd and boxshu, I would say that I'm quite good at both, maybe abit better at boxshu. I am a marketer, I sometimes do loans. I rarely duel but sometimes it happens, and it always ends up with me having 0 tc and a broken keyboard. I really hope I can get into obey because it's always been a very very good clan, I would I love to help out around here. My Skype name is aidywu29 feel free to add me, I play csgo and brawlhalla a lot in my free time, I'm very very active on the forums.

Anyways please pm me the results! Thanks for reading this!
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wanna work for W.E.T? Well send me your app!

I bet that you are not gonna make it til the end of this

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aaaaaaaaand banned for attempted scamming.
Assez lourdes apparemment car elles pèsent tout comme elles restent
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im pyro ill be back in 3 days
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I'm back so did I make it?
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wanna work for W.E.T? Well send me your app!

I bet that you are not gonna make it til the end of this

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Selling tc at all times, CLICK ME
wanna work for W.E.T? Well send me your app!

I bet that you are not gonna make it til the end of this

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Don't spam here, if you haven't heard anything back from us, take it as a sign or pm...
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Hello Obey
My name is Jared however you can call me Demo , or legend.

I've been playing Toribash for 3 years. The main mods I play are

greykido,abd,lenshu, and wushu. I'm a very competitive person and I love to

play toribash. Im 16 years old and overall all i do is play video games and do

my occasional sports. I'm always active on toribash and I'm always in game.

My forum activity needs to be worked on but I’ve been more active on the

forums then normal. Im overall a very funny and outgoing person and like to

mess with my friends and have a good time. I play a variety of other games

as well including Csgo , league of legends, as well as a few other games.
I hope you enjoyed my app and i Hope to be apart of obey, Have a good day guys!
Im legend, aka Demo, aka Demoo3 , aka... shh its a secret
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this is my app =)
Hello people of obey and other people who are on this forum thread I am Mytholigy. People call me myth or study. I am hoping to get a name change soon since my name is misspelled and when i made i thought it was correct :" I was dead wrong. Anyway enough rambling on lets get on to my app =)
As i states my name is study but my real name is charlie. I am a 15 year old from Vermont (est) and love playing games. I am a 5th dan belt but have not been active recently because toribash has not been fun, but i have nothing to play and started playing again and its going amazing I am incredibly bad at replay making but i am trying to get some replays in aikido and wushu/boxshu because i think i am the best at those mods. So that kinda covers the next thing, i think i am the most competitive in those mods.
So, more about me. I live in Vermont in the little town of brattleboro. I have a medical condition, now before i start to explain i dont have autisim or anything mental, but its called dwarfism. it is when your legs and arms grow at a slower rate then normal people. So i usualy dont like the term midget because it cant do anything to be small and when you say something like that, you act like its my choice. SO. Sorry for that little rant. Thank you so much for much for reading my application and hope everyone has a wonderful day <3
Team Mushu Master
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Hello Obey my name is Micheal But you can just call me Tw0 doesn't matter Tw0 much to me. ;) I'm 14 and i use alot of shitty puns as seen above. XD my GMT is -5 i've been playing toribash not too long yes im an alt but i've also spent about 150$ so its my main now (perma banned damn you Fred jk ) i just didn't like my reputation so i started over to try and better myself for the community . i live in a nice little town in massachuesetts probably spelt that wrong...but lets just ignore that lol. I mainly play abd and mushu and honestly im not very forum active but that will change and my goal of joining is to make obey great again im in 8th grade and have no idea what free form paragraphs are i go to a great school don't i.
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