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Under discussion
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Thank you! <3
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Clan: Aether

Everyone except legend and winter denied
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Hello fellow leaders of Obey , my name is Daniel (IGN - TheHunter0566) i am 14 years old and i live in Bulgaria.

My Favorite Mods in the game are - aikido,mushu,sparring and parkour

My Ingame and Forum activity is pretty good , like about 8/10

I am a black belt.

So now ill tell you about my life and my toribash expirience: Im a very happy and friendly person i like to draw and play sports (mostly football) I play online multiplayer games (mostly strategic,fps and mobas). When i first heard of Toribash i really wanted to try it and i really did like it so i played it a long time but my computer broke so i had to buy another one.Now i have a computer again and can play the game. I haven't got any replays on this one.

Reasons i want to join your clan: Because your clan seems like a good and friendly one , and i want to meet all kinds of new people,play with them and have fun! I mean its about to have fun , not to rage and be mad when you lose a game or something.Im here to have fun and enjoy my stay with the new people i meet.

Communication: I have entered your Discord server , i am Musicfyrlife. By the way i really like you guys i scrolled up on the discord page and i found some really funny stuff you guys posted.

Forum,Ingame and Pm's: Im pretty active in Forums , i like to post stuff and talk to people.
Ingame i am really active too i always go to mushu or aikido servers meet some people and play with them.
I answer to all Pm's i get.

Thanks for taking time to read my app.

Have a good day/night.
PM me for no reason,ask me something,send memes n stuff
Why? Cuz i like to view pm's (and dank memays)
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Hello Obey
My name is Muhanad however you can call me Xtermix2.

I've been playing Toribash for 5 years. The main mods I play are

greykido,abd,lenshu, and wushu. I'm a very competitive person and I love to

play toribash Im overall a very funny and outgoing person and like to

mess with my friends and have a good time.
I hope you enjoyed my app and i Hope to be apart of obey, Have a good day guys!

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