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Who am i as a person: i am a high school student and i am 16 years old
Who am i as in toribash: i do Parkouring and sparing (tricking sometimes) but mainly parkour i have playd this game for 2 years and i want to get better at beeing a better pk:er and a sparrer
what other skills do i have other then toribash: i really don't know what i am good at my self other then toribash i was never good at Judgin my self as a person
other clans that i have been in: By and Youporn
Why do i want to join the Chiverly: i want to join chiv becouse PAIKOr is there and i have heard that its a good clan at warring i whoud like to be part of it and have a fun time
(p.s i am in you'r skype and i can talk on skype but if thats necesery and i have been in many con con videos ;) )

s the last is optional hope you enjoy it
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Clan: Chivalry

Pm for reason.

We make Choices
Choices make Us

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Clan: Chivalry

My return

This is my 2:nd time coming back to Chiverly and why did i leave in the first place i ma bisexual my self and i was being really childish in the clan skype
so i left my self but i realised ppl will hate and deal whit it the ppl in chiverly are some good friends and fun to be a round and its SHIT AS BORING ALONE

so i kinda ish want back

About my self (that i haven't really told)

I am Adiel kagali a 15 year old trying to get trough school ;-; i do have a hobbie called football/soccer but i will call it football i have been playing football for the past 7 years and still keep going And also i do draw a lot when i was younger i think i was at my prime my father teached me how to draw and it was fun but after the huge breakdown we had i am probably not gona be visiting him soon
Toribash expiriance/what ever you want to call

I am 4th dan black belt i do spar and parkour for the most part but i do see intrest in tricking i like to play abd becouse ( My power of retarded magic)
i do contest in wars and i like to try out new shit depends if its a bad or a good shit <---

The other clans i was in
Obey,Frost,PowPow,Chiverly ( and wanting back) ,Osiris? yeah? ,and i think Baguet but that lasted for a day so? counts? still counting it in dou

About me being bisexual because i have to say something about this!

few months back i was straight and had a girlfriend a name that i wont be giving out we where together for 4 months but when we broke up shit went down hill whit wheels and i mean it for real i got death threats from her
she was continuously cock blocking me from seeing other women and just being pain in the fucking ass then there was one of my friends at the time that name i am not gonna say hi fucking helped me through out this hole shit and turnt out to like me (at this point i never had a thought about being bi/gay but i wanted to give it a shot and hey i liked him so meh)
and holy shit did i make the best decision EVER but after i told my ex i was gay she hasn't said anything after so i think i am saved but main reasons i am bi/gay: we never fight , don't need to wake up every morning to (try to fix our relationship) , his really really submissive and for ones his not completely insane so this is good

And i think that does for my app i hope to get back and have some fun agen

p.s i think i don't need to send any pk replays becous you have seen my shitty skills and yeah btw mafia try to train on dem bruce lee shit
they aint working

moshi moshi mother fucker its me :3

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Clan: Chivalry

PAiKOr Accepted wb.
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