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7th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Satire


The shadow did reach for you?
Now it is time to embrace it with all what is left of your soul!
We only accept blackbelts or higher, since the other colors can't be hidden in the dark, yet.
Practice and come back to earn your spot in the Brotherhood.

To serve the shadow you must follow the code.

State the following.
- Where do you live? (For Timezone purposes)
- Your age and your gender (Optional)
- Your Discord. (A way to contact you)
- Your belt and your Qi.
- Your reasons for wanting to join.
- How active are you in the forums?
v .Post your app below. v

Be active.
If the Brotherhood doesn't hear from you at least once a week we have to assume you are dead and cut you lose.

You're either with us or not, if you have a valid reason for using an alt, pm the leaders or recruiters.

Keep Your Calm.
We operate from the shadows. Spamming inappropriate messages endangers our mission.

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Blessing wibbles with divine nudes
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Clan: Midnight

Wrong section.
Moved it for you.

Find the hidden shovel and uncover the secrets of my religion.
Voted best nazi admin of 2017!

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7th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 50
Clan: Satire

Thanks B)
Sorry about that
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Junior Member
Blue Belt
Join Date: Feb 2012

- Where do you live? United Kingdom
- Your age and your gender: Male-20 years old
- Your Discord.i have discord and skype
- Your belt and your:blue belt-309 Qi
- Your reasons for wanting to join.I like clan Waring and this clan seems pretty friendly and i think bloodrec is cool
- How active are you in the forums?not very active but can try to be more active
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Brown Belt
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- Where do you live? Illinois (Midwest U.S.)
- Your age and your gender? 15, Male. (I like to think my maturity exceeds my age.
- Your Discord. Rhyff (#8835)
- Your belt and your Qi. Brown Belt, but I've been active lately and should be black belt by the end of the month (hopefully)
- Your reasons for wanting to join. I don't think Bloodrec knows me but I know him and he seems pretty cool. Really everyone I've met in Satire has seemed cool and I'd like a nice, active community to play with. (the one I'm in now isnt that active :/)
- How active are you in the forums? Not so active, but I can work on it. I spend quite a bit more time on market than on forums.
If you would like, I could play a few rounds on a private server if you're interested in me joining.
Thanks, -Rhyff
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Black Belt
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I live in United States, Georgia
Im 15 years old and im a male
My Doscprd : JohnBottom #6038
I'm a black belt with 1,355 QI
Well I want to join Satire because before the clan was made i used to hang out with bloodrec and i know he dosnt remeber me but i gave him 7k to help start up the clan and i would like to join and have a great family on toribash and have lots of fun with the clan

I have been gone for 3 months so i am not very active on the fourm as of now

Much hope - BlitzRItz
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7th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 50
Clan: Satire

Your apps are very short and they do not go into enough detail.
My advice to everyone is to make a longer app and give us proper reasons, show us how you can contribute to the clan and why you're interested in it.
B) Thank you all
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2nd Dan Black Belt
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Posts: 11

Hello My Name Is Apollo61
My Real Name is : Ervin
Here's my app:

1. Age and Gender : I'm 12 Years Old and My Gender Is Male

2. QI and Belt : My QI is 1200+ and My Belt is Brown Belt

3. My History In TB :

I feel bored at all games like, Minecraft, Need for Speed and other games. But, one day, my Markiplier ( I'm his biggest fan )
Playing Toribash. My view distracted be'cause that game. So i try the Toribash and it's really fun. So, everyday, untill now, im playing Toribash.

4. Personal Information :

Well, i'm a reticent guy, i'm not active at doing activity or community. My priority is Game. But i'm not really active at Games. I always need a friend to play and talk.

5. Forum Activity : 5 - 10 ( Sometimes )

6. In-game Activty : 10 ( Addicted ) *lol*

7. My pride In-game or Forums : I like both. it's inspiring

8. 3 Replays for reviews : Here

9. Competitive Mods : Aikido, ABD, Mushu, Boxshu_Mushu, Jousting, Twinswords, and Judo

10. Do I Have Discords? : Yes, my name in discord is Ervin

11. Alt? : Nah.*ba dum tss*

12. Why i wanted to join : i wanted to make this clan knowned in public and make people joining here *sorry bad english*

13. Where do i live : Indonesian *ASIA*

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6th Dan Black Belt
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Posts: 70

My name is Joshua Shanghie, !4 of earthly years, Male of the earthly gender
I am a 5th dan black belt with 5944 qi
My discord is Mablade3
I am active mainly in the art forms because i make art form time to time
I am active in the games most of the time!
I want to join because my friend told me to join!
I am kidding, But that is one the reasons i want to join.
U people seems to be nice, down to earth, and autistic people i mean artistic people.
I am also looking to improve my skil in making sets form people like Neon (according to BLoodrec).
Cardistry and Magic are fun
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3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 1

- I live in the United States KY
- My gender is *Optional* and i'm 17 years old
- My discord is / Kat#5362 /
- 3rd Dan Black Belt
- I would like to join because like... it looks like a nice clan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) / but in all seriousness I just don't like to run solo and i'd rather run along with a clan then just be amongst the thousands of clanless players, it's really nice having someone to talk to and match your skills in game /
- Not so active on the forums to be honest, but i'm constantly on the website
*Insert Generic Meme Here*

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