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Old Apr 16, 2017   #21
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1920x1080 Shaws sexy tori One more with the blood shader that lookednice and spoopy

Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

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heres two better looks shots

me :^)

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More images

Source: domxer
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Break Dancing ScreenShot
Just some Breakdancing...

Sorry :/. I'm new to posting on the Toribash forums.
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Here's one I came up with quick, shows off the use of /atmo and has a lot of textures and items on to show new players what they can get by playing the game and spending time with the community.

The Screenshot

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Originally Posted by FistofLife View Post
People should use pictures of my set for this, would look good for Toribash showing the best art :P

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Originally Posted by Leanmarkie View Post
Is it ok if there's "Game" in the bottom left of the screen or should we crop it out

Press "esc" twice, this should hide it.

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There you have some stuff I've made


Well, shit. I just realised that the uploaded images changed their resoultions

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Can't use bigger resolution since my monitor resolution only 1280x1204.

Anyway, can I add more screenshot later if I have more screenshot to add?
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