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Fun games for low end pcs
So my pc is a crapshoot, and it'll be a while till i'm ever able to afford upgrading. So I want to know what games are out there that are nice and also run on low end pcs.

Posting specs in a sec.
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Halo 1

Although the developers are no longer supporting the servers i think you can find some volunteers.
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Stardew valley, terraria, pixel doungon
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Unturned is a dank game that can run even in the lowest of pcs
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The Binding of Isaac; (50h+ spent on steam)
Rimworld; (100h+ spent on steam and a kidney)
Papers, Please. (10h spent on team, but it's a great game)

All of then run even on a toaster.

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GamersGoMakers I love that game idk why
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bastion, brawlhalla, castle crashers, duelyst, hearthstone, rivals of aether, roguelands, super meat boy, transistor, vampire of the sands, [insert generic clicker game here]
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what kind of games do you like
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Try out Terraria
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I'd say to download NES/Genesis emulators, they have some good games.

welp, AssaultCube used to be my favorite game when i had my poorest pc ever.
PowderToy if you like wasting time(it's mostly a simulator, but a pretty cool one) with chemical reactions.
Minecraft is the best option i can think, it's really fun making stuff and then exploding it. Or just adventuring with your wolf/dog
Half-Life 1 is also cool

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