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Last edited by Surge; 2 Weeks Ago at 10:31 PM..
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blah blah blah
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The second one for tori bash is sick! You should show it to Sir
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where can I get these
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Originally Posted by Surge View Post

i used chrome + stylish extenstion, pls leave cnc

css only

also ill take requests

The second one is absolutely beautiful. (for toribash)
I took CSS, HTML 5, and Javascript as a freshman and sophmore. Took the highest classes I could and let me tell you homie that shit is awesome!
did you write the code for that yourself?
what programs did you use like notepad or CC+
add me on discord would love some insight... awesome job homie!
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Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
or CC+

lol you mean C++? and I think its a programming LANGUAGE, not a program itself.

I think you can just use like sublime text 2 for this shit
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