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Shiai Token Change Announcement
Greetings Toribash Community!

This is an announcement thread for the upcoming Shiai Tokens and Shiai Token (ST) Item changes. These changes will take place on April 30th.

So what's gonna change?

1. All current ST will expire on 30th of April.

That's right, we will be retiring all current ST. That means that after that date you won't be able to buy anything with these, rendering them useless. So you better hurry up and buy something while you still have time!

2. All current ST only items will become available in the torishop for Toricredits and/or USD.

So if you wanted a sombrero or a cool beanie, but just couldn't win enough tourneys, you're in luck! Now there will be other ways to get all these rare items.

3. All ES Events will be using a new set of tokens.

New system - new currency. This is so that people with a bunch of accumulated ST can't abuse the new system. Don't worry though - there's still plenty of time to spend your precious tokens.

4. Every month we will have new items available for new tokens.

These won't be just 3D items. High Qi joints, High resolution textures, various hairstyles and other stuff will be available.

5. Items acquired with new tokens will cost very few tokens, but will be untradable.

You can get your tori pimped up to the max in just a few tourneys! We made new items untradable so that they wouldn't hurt market.

So start spending up your ST and get ready for these new changes! As a bonus, we will be putting All current ST items on a 33% sale until the changes take place.
Whabb owo
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Originally Posted by Wounder View Post
So what was the point of this change? Because of the old design? Because too many were in circulation?

Not complaining, I actually like the look of the new shiai token...and because I have 3

I think they changed it because they lowered the shop price and they will lower the items prices in STS too i think.

Originally Posted by AssassinPro View Post
You can get your tori pimped up to the max in just a few tourneys! We made new items untradable so that they wouldn't hurt market.

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To answer your question Wounder, there are people that have hoarded tens and even hundreds of ST over the years when it was much easier to get them, with this new system such hoarding will be much healthier for the economy since the items won't be tradable.
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I want to get dread tails but nobody online D: ill be patient, just posting for the record!
its gone now D:
My way or no way, totalatarian.

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