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If you guys are considering doing it, is there going to be a completely separate thread/ruleset for it?
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Bump for new opinions
is kyure alive?
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downside would be having potentially every current record redone but instead just in -30 grav.

and these records would probably just be retaken by whoever has the 9.82 version of the record.

having higher grav just raises the difficulty. like a hard mode version of the record. a record’s grav isnt what appeals to everyone.

in a tournament, yes, there wouldnt be any grav restrictions to appeal to all replaymakers. this isnt like replaymaking though, and doesnt require any style at all. -30 grav vs -9.82 is sortve just a stylistic choice, not an entirely different playing field and wouldnt warrant another version of the BoR imo
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i may of just broke this record
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