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Audition :O
Are you bored?
Want to learn how to maintane a beat?
Do you wanna pwn ppl because you CAN maintane a beat?
well come try AUDTITION
wich is like...umm...well its a dancing game and you use the keypad arrows as your guide and space for beats :O LEARN YOURSELF IM NOOB ENUFF
^^ -> Games -> Audition

Youtube-> Audition Gameplay
cuz im too lazy to search for em myself
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Nya ! There are alot of dancing games on the net XD
I will try this one too
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Well, This game was made by nexon, Which made maplestory.
Everyone knows they have a BS community, Which is why I don't really want to play it.
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the best "Dancing" game is...
<Crooked> I'd say spartan, cause if he's tough enough to digest ungodly amounts of alcohol he clearly has the best body
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