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Toribash Dev
Mod Mania
Hello and welcome to Event Squad's Mod Mania!

Mod Mania is a series of old style mod-based championships.
The task is simple: play in modmania rooms while the event is in action, win games and get rewards!

General info
Each mod will stay in modmania rooms for two weeks and then will be changed to the next one.

First three mods that will be used are:

If you like the event and want it to continue in some other mods, let us know!

Mod Mania Prizes
For every mod, you will be able to claim a variety of rewards:

Basic prizes for winning 10, 25, 50 and 100 games
These will be TC, ST and color items which can be claimed through the game client (ver 5.43+) instantly after meeting the requirements.

Top list placement prizes
At the end of each championship, top 50 players will receive limited edition 3D items, and top 10 players will also get extra TC and ST.

Global challenge prizes
In addition to classic rewards, this time we also have global challenge prizes.
These will be added to all participants' accounts (at least 1 game won) at the end of each championship in case the community goal is completed.

Current challenge
Mod: boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm
Community challenge: play 10000 games
Community challenge reward: week-long Qi X2 Booster
Top list placement reward: Neon Pauldrons

Additional toplist rewards
Rank 1
70,000 TC
15 ST

Rank 2
55,000 TC
12 ST

Rank 3
40,000 TC
9 ST

Ranks 4 - 10
25,000 TC
6 ST

All top list placement rewards will also be sent after each championship's deadline.

August 2nd - August 16th (aikidobigdojo.tbm) results

August 16th - August 30th (realtoriboxingmw2.tbm / gtboxing.tbm) results

August 30th - September 13th (boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm) results

Have fun!

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I hope this event comeback soon, that was a nice run.
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