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Hey Icky, have you picked a winner yet!?
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Clan League SIGN UPS
Hello all, this is the sign up thread for Clan League 2019

Simply put, once you complete the sign up process and we make sure you pass the requirements for it, I (or someone that can) will add you to the list of clans competing.

We will then draw out the groups as I have outlined in the official thread.

  • Your clan MUST have got a legitimate yellow ranking or above for it's most recent activity check. (Hi unofficial clans, I see you. We'll do a check for you when you sign up so don't fret, you can still enter as long as you meet the second requirement)
  • You must have been a clan for 3 months prior to this event. (If you're two and a half and you meet the other requirements, don't worry I'll round upwards)
  • Your roster MUST have AT LEAST 7 different members, there is no maximum restriction.
  • The sign up fee is 25,000 TC. You send it to me

Sign up post process
Full Clan Name:
Clan Tag:
User list:
Leaders: X Y Members: A B C etc.
If your post does not follow the above process, I'll ignore it and you won't be entered.
If you fail to meet one of the requirements when we check, you don't get a refund, but you're free to reapply once you feel you've met the requirement.
At the end of the signup period (June 10th, 4pm, GMT+12), any changes/addtions to the roster will result in disqualification unless I state otherwise. This is your ONLY warning on this.
I reserve the rights to decide contentious issues if any come up in this process.

!!!Clan rankings prior to groups!!! ~ Ranks from last year~ 1) Alpha 2) Obey 3) Undead 4) Hack 5) Tribe 6) Fl0w 7) Aeon ~ new clans, ranked via clan rankings on forums ~ 8) Damned 9) Reckless 10) Spark 11) zero 12) Pyramid 13) Mente Maestra 14) win 15) Liqour 16) Relax All 17) The Last Legion
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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Hi, I just wanted to commend Icky for his efforts in the preparation of this year’s Clan League. You’ve really outdone yourself. It was good to see a strong, outward figure at the focal point of the whole setup being as open to feedback, and transparent with the development of the event as you were – a refreshing scene from the fiasco that was last year.

Clan structures have changed drastically these past few weeks, and especially the days leading up to the opening of registrations. This is an exciting development – and I find the depth and chemistries of several clans to be highly intriguing, and should make for an interesting event as it progresses.

On behalf of Obey, I’d like to wish all participating clans in this year’s Clan League the best of luck. As several members know, I have discussed the option of self-induced exclusion from this year’s event; citing my own clan’s members’, as well as myself, being at an important place in our lives academically, and career-wise. We’ve re-established contact and owe a great debt to the community for uniting us in a ragdoll fighting physics simulator game. Many of us only really reached out to get to know each other due to a common interest of competition and it was due to event formats such as this that we were able to become as close-knit as we are today. Obey has regularly shown up in this fixtures for the latter half of this decade. And although we’d love to make one final run, it would seem impossible for us to be able to set aside time to set-up, and physically play the matches. It would be most unfair to whatever clans we would potentially be matched up against. Furthermore, these matches would have most likely been played individually – which eliminates the atmosphere that was established years prior (large lobbies, massive and open group calls, etc) and defeats the purpose of a clan-based event. Therefore, we have collectively decided to indefinitely sit out all future Clan Leagues, and competitive clan events.

So once again on behalf of Obey – 3X Clan League finalists – good luck to everyone, and have a fun Clan League 2019!

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Clan: win

Full Clan Name: Win
Clan Tag: [w]
User list:
Leaders: Fade iTemp Wounder Members: Joel Profits Cold HiPower Dare Karstnator Rose Woeb Hug Bodhisattva USB Smegma Shmevin weregamer Lexx bands Dinis iRookie Love

Finalised. 18:16 10/06/2019
Chair Squad Admin
PM ME if you need anything

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Interesting roster

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Clan: win

pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls
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Clan: Pyramid

Full Clan Name: Pyramid
Clan Tag: [py]
User list:
ye haw code:





Finalised. 18:16 10/06/2019

I'm Market Squid, Clan Squad and Super Moderator. Contact me for anything.

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Clan: Alpha

Shmevin & iTemp in the same clan?

That's a sight I thought I'd never see, that's for sure.

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Originally Posted by Swaves View Post
Shmevin & iTemp in the same clan?

That's a sight I thought I'd never see, that's for sure.


we r all fucked
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Originally Posted by Swaves View Post
Shmevin & iTemp in the same clan?

That's a sight I thought I'd never see, that's for sure.


Hey son, long time no see. I'll cook both of them don't worry. (And I will eat wounder in extra)

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Seems like you forgot about dre
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