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I like this game, but the sheer amount of memorization kills me (figuratively and literally). You need to extend this, contract that, relax this, hold that and i don't usually have a piece of paper or anything so i get infuriated. Does anyone know how i can do basic but brutal moves?
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You can always message a member from here, or you can find a move that works and you can use this script.
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You don't have to memorise it
Just learn how joints work because if you rely on memorising you wont be able to fix things if you mess up
And when you get on a higher level memorisingwill be completely useless because you will be getting in positions you've never expect to be in
And this is where the understanding of how joints work come because when you have that knowledge you will be able to do something in that position and it wont be something you did before.
So yeah. Better learn how joints work instead of nemoriszing moves
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Basically what Alpha said,

Don't rely on memorizing moves, the big part of this game is mostly focused on improvising than memory. At most you need to learn your opener, and after a while these openers will just become second nature.

Most importantly have fun.
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