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Help Squad
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I love leggrabs. In boxshu if you leggrab me say sayonara to your torso.
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The Submarine
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Personally speaking in ABD I love when people leg grab me, from my experience with the game I find the arms a lot stronger than the legs plus the arms have more mobility.

Very easy to counter a leg grab and keeping yourself afloat.

The honest only downside to being leg grabbed is that you have no grab control over that area so they can let you go whenever they want.

But still i find myself in a better situation to win when leg grabbed as opposed to a normal grab.
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Leg grabs is the most efficient way of winning a round, better than a shovel and a lift.
so what in the world are you talking about, If someone sticks their foot up your face then you will grab it and slam them the fuck down.
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Well talking about abd, i don't really like leggrabs cause they are bs, but if you leggrab me you can say see ya to your head
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I don't really hate them, If you get leg grabbed just treat your legs like arms, and your arms as leg and get yourself back down.
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Well I'm usually avoiding being leg grabbed by not kicking, maintaining my body away from my opponent's and always keeping at least one leg on the ground, what guarantees me easy mobility. Leg grabbing is a really good counter to lift kicks or snapkick, but in case I'm leg grabbed I usually try to use my grabbed leg with another hand to control my opponent and let my other arm and leg on the ground and try lifting him, or I try dming/frac'ing him since he's with no guard. I'm not a pro but sometimes this works.
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Big bad bully :'(
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I like them in that you can really immobilize your opponent if you get the right angle, however it always leaves you wide open for attack at your head, torso, and shoulders.

I always use leg grabs as a second option in case my first move does not go as planned
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The only reason I dislike leg grabs is because the majority of people who implement them don't do anything with it.

They just latch onto your leg like a sack of potatoes and honestly make the entire match incredibly uneventful.
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I think its the person not the move. if you leg grab and use it the same way or a way that is boring for the other guy you'll either be countered or they will get bored and leave. its also one part what circumstances. is it a tourney? funsies? A no grab game?
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