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[o] want to join?
all you have to do is tell us about yourself, please use proper English and if you aren't an idiot then we might consider you, also post in our clan clan thread every once in a while to give us an idea on what you're like.
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obrezzy105 recruitment letter
hey what's up my name is obinna my in-game name is obrezzy105 I was once a member of pewpew so I'm just here looking for a cool clan to join and have fun with. I just recently turned a black belt so that's a plus btw I live in the U.S and I speak English.
some replays:
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black belt upgrade.rpl (54.6 KB, 3 views)
reverswe throw.rpl (54.6 KB, 2 views)
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you aren't an alt are u?
based on ur replay, u looks pretty good
im still thinkin if u were an alt lul
i'll give a yes if u not an alt
i wanna die

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nugget <3
My username is :metrepar
My old clan is Witch(Fable) its actualy afk clan its for this i leave this clan
My favorites mod is ABD,Leinshu and Boxshu_mushu

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can i has join

tell me ur main
i wanna die

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nugget <3