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Originally Posted by reosuke View Post
Imagine following situation: Your friends all got sucked in by distraction unable to do nothing with you. Your family is depressed, has to work 11 hours a day. Your little sibbling just 12 years old has no hobbys, nothing to be proud of, only their smartphones. And the only person you feel conected do is diying by cancer after the body gave up because of stress.

Hi. I had similar when i was growing up.

Your sibling can do what he wants. You might feel he's wasting his time/talent/etc but by stressing over it you end up doing the exact same.

Your family does what it does, you're not a magic-fix-it man. Don't make it out that you're failing or anything. Go do your thing outside of the depressing place. Even if that's your room with the door shut amd headphones on.

If your connection has the drive and makes the effort to talk to you even while they struggle through it. You put on that brave face and you struggle just as hard. They are just as aware of what you're going through as the reverse.

Once the talking stops, and it will eventually. The connection is as vivid and anchored as you want it to be. Remember the good things rather than the pain, or you'll only remember the pain and feel emotions influenced by that.

Friends being distracted is actually probably more you related than you might realise. If all you do is ask what they're doing tomorrow/this weekend. Then yeah it'll be hard for them to make time or fit you in. Find out when they have days off work, or aren't playing sport. Make time way more in advance than when you used too. Also find stuff that you can do on your own that allows you to meet other people.
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Gladly I refreshed the page. I was writing somthing very similar to Icky.

I guess I can speak more simply now, what I think when reading this?

I think you should; Realise that the way you feel now, is most certainly temporary. You seem to be overloading yourself with the problems of others, which is in my opinion unfair on yourself. Step back for a moment, you will always be your own person, regardless of what you think is expected of you. The cache 22 of your situation is you probably aren't able to help anyone while you are stressed out about 10 things, that dont even really effect you.

I also think you should really take Ickys advice to heart, its both practical and thoughtful.
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I would assume you and I are in similar age groups. With that being said, every young adult goes through stress and depression. Our small problems are big to us, and only us. When questioning yourself as to why you want to live, don't think about it. Just envelope yourself in the things you like. If you think there is no meaning, there isn't. If you think there is, then there is. Either way you decide how much life matters.

Distract yourself, free yourself, enjoy yourself.
And don't forget that.
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Having read all this sincerely helped me, normally I would not have contributed such a useless comment, besides that this topic is about reosuke and I respect this space but I had to say it.

And more than anything, i hope this guy feels so much better now, It passed a good time since this post.
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bit of a necrobump, closing now
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