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Originally Posted by fallu View Post
i changed my mind tsuion is my favourite pastime activity now

yeah. have you seen his sp cup?
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Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
we all know that everyone here watch porn when they are bored so stop lying k?

Sad but true for me.
Im hardly ever impressed by anything so Im bored most of the time.
And besides watching porn I like to cruise around places I haven't seen in my city, preferably with a good camera if I can find one to borrow.
Or go to a cafeteria and sit on my ass for hours and wish not all my friends were in the army so I could hang out with someone. Till its time for next meal so I can go eat something cause im bored.
I used to go to the swimming pool cause I wanted to learn to swim, but I learned pretty well now even that doesn't keep my mind occupied.
Think about how hard I should study next year in school but then realise how drunk I am and laugh at myself
Go to my dads shop and pretend like I know everything when people ask me to fix their cars, and make messes for my dad to fix later
Go to places filled with chicks that I recently got the courage to wink at but thats the farthest i go everytime. And I go home to fap like every other day.
Watch tricking videos on youtube and promise myself to train hard and be like them one day, but my promise only lasts one day.
Watch action movies and try to recreate scenes on the sofas and beds.
Buy a lot of snacks and some spray paint to make "art" on abandoned buildings and regret how many hours I spent on that trash
Go around asking random people for a space I can rent to use as a studio and end up being chased by them because my negotiation skills are too much for them.
Then go home and produce songs nobody listens to, using a usb mic.
Not even myself... my shit is wack
Of all the money that ever I had, I’ve spent it in good company
And all the harm that ever I done, Alas it was to none but me
But all the sweethearts that ever I loved
They have left long so now they rot
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should live and you should not
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Fuck(or fap, these are interchangeable)
PM ME if u are cool
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Originally Posted by Fade View Post
Fuck(or fap, these are interchangeable)

Mind if i partake in number 3 with you
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Go for it
PM ME if u are cool
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