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Old Oct 8, 2018   #1
The Belt
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[Serious] Legitimate case for TheGod to be a legend.
TheGod was the first player to ever run in toribash
I made a running replay in -30 gravity which got like 4 pages of comment replies, all for fucking running lmao.

TheGod created parkour in toribash
After being the first player to ever run, TheGod created parkour.tbm so he could be the first player in history to combine running and acrobatics. Soon players began to learn from God and emulate his style.

TheGod shovels his way to $1000 (almost)

TheGod was a top 4 finalist in the $1000 dollar aikido tournament using only one move, the Stretlift Shovel Variation. No amount of butthurt was felt than on that day.

TheGod created greykido.tbm because his shovel was too dominant
True story this was requested by gr3yh4t

TheGod created the PromoMon Collector Card Event
Ever wonder wtf those cards are from?

TheGod destroyed ninjitsu.tbm with his broken GOD SHELL

TheGod pioneered the hold all defensive style of mushu and boxshu
There was a long wushu rivalry between the style of fl0w and relax all, and the hold all defensive style of TheGod. The popularity of mushu and boxshu shows clearly that the style of TheGod has won competitive viability.

TheGod lead the promoteam and hosted countless timeless tournaments

The GodTeam consisting of ClockworkMonkey, Smilies2, and TheGod were the first to ever profit off of .tbm modding
We price gauged the event squad for like 100k a mod lmao.

TheGod outsmarted the whole forum and won a milli
Another classic

TheGod discovered KitFox does gay porn
Another classic x2

In conclusion
-created running
-created parkour
-founding father of sparring
-greatest shoveler of all time
-greatest(one of) modder of all time
-greatest event host of all time
-TheGod is a Toribash Legend

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this is an example of a bad post, if your post looks like this it will be reported and/or deleted

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Old Oct 8, 2018   #3

Hip 2 Be Square
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You forgot to mention the creation of Team Mushu which in turn lead to the creation of boxshu_mushu
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Old Oct 8, 2018   #4
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Make it happen
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Old Oct 8, 2018   #6
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the 100k bet from hampa had me dying

you've done some cool shit, i want your name in gold
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Old Oct 8, 2018   #7
piss on my wrist Belt
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this is literally a repost of a thread u made like 2 years ago do some more stuff ok
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Old Oct 8, 2018   #8
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i vote ys
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Old Oct 8, 2018   #9
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If staff could do one JUST ONE good deed in this time of uncertainty, this would be it. TheGod has transcended reality and has become an icon among this community. He deserves to become a legend.
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absolutely must be a legend tbh
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