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Random bad character idek
Made in MS Paint, pink and blue added on pixlr nothing else.


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if you wanted to improve, the first thing would be to get s different program - Photoshop, paint tool SAI and firealpaca are all cool
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Hey man it is not too shabby. I would say if you don't
want to buy photoshop there are plenty
amazing plugins for ms paint that can make it feel
like any other program. If you cba downloading plugins
I would recommend gimp (latest version)
Now for the artwork the anatomy is off. I would line
up the head with the neck. Also your neck should line up with the line on the chest (for the most part)
Speaking of that collar bone line it should be curved up instead of downward like you have it

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AY thx for the tips guys, i have gimp but i honestly just hate using it i dont know what it is about it but i just dont like it. also thanks for the tip with the collar bone ill change that it was a dumb mistake and the neck looks like ass ik i just didnt have layers obv and didnt want to redo it lol

also i would love to have Paint tool sai and photshop but i dont draw enough to justify spending the money but yeah ill look into plugins and stuff.
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Can recommend Krita, it's free and excellent for drawing (less so for editing, but that's what Gimp is for).

NOW FOR THE DRAWING. Adding on to what Chaos said:

numbers for clarity

1. That shine isn't really working. You gotta remember to consider all the elements that it's passing over, right now it gives no sense of depth or roundness. Also, remember that hair is a fuckton of little strands, so having a completely flat border around the shine doesn't give the right texture.

2. What is... Going on here? I'm assuming it's some sort of shadow, but unlike all the other shadows, it's COMPLETELY BLACK. Unless you're going for a deliberate and highly stylized look with pitch black shadows, this is often a no-no. It's often worth picking two shadow colours, one darker than the other, so you can emphasize the really dark areas better.

3. You kinda swapped the arm thickness around here. The foreground arm is in full view, and as such, should be the widest visually. The other one is partially obscured by the chest, and therefore should appear more narrow.

4. This is probably just me being a nitpicker, but remember that even anime girls have white in their eyes. Also, eyes aren't rectangular, not even anime eyes. They may often narrow down to triangles and such, but when fully open, they're usually some sort of round, oval or almond shape.

5. I know that pretty little noses are the vogue amongst many, but there is still more to them than that. It's fine that not everyone draws great big ogre honkers like i do, just remember to hint a little bit more than just the side of the tip. Just extending the curve a little is enough.

6. A lil' slip there, hee hee.

I'm not even gonna bother with facial proportions, that all falls apart when things get cartoony. Just remember, it's a good idea to know how to draw realistically so you can intentionally violate it. :v
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Alright thank you guys for the awesome tips I will take all into consideration and I will re-draw this character sometime this month(or ill try to) and well see what I can do then.

Shook thanks for the pointers and stuff and ill try out krita too :P
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