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In the future, please make your own thread instead of posting it here.

To answer your question, if you remember your old email, you could try to request your username at this page:
It should work, otherwise you could try to contact an admin (the people with the big red names on forums) but I don't know whether they can help if you've got no proof other than your password.
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Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
I'm assuming you're asking how do we, the staff, know when to ban an account for it being compromised. Generally speaking there ways (some easier than others) where it becomes evident an account has been stolen.

I can't get into specifics with you as I'd hate to release private information about our powers as smods/admins, etc. but just know we use many different technical tools along with the easy and available conventions that normal have access to (like transaction history). If at any point something looks suspicious, usually it's reported by the user who's account is stolen or from a deal gone bad (scamming), we permanently ban an account and launch an investigation.

Example: "Hey, I just paid $50 for TC from Taco, and Taco isn't giving me TC.", we then go look up Taco and we have "reasons to assume someone else logged in as Taco", we can permanently ban Taco's account, launch an investigation, and see if we can get ahold of the real taco. Then we do our best to of course address the scam executed while the account was compromised.

I would like to know how are you smods/admins able to check everyone's ip or is that a script or somethin'?
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We have tools that we use to help us, if that helps answer your question.
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Originally Posted by Software123 View Post
I would like to know how are you smods/admins able to check everyone's ip or is that a script or somethin'?

No handmade script. vBulletin has this logging feature in it as basically every forum software does. It's quite common.

You can bet that most sites you visit can store this info.

Using google is always a good way to get more information about the subject ofc.
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so i cant login into my account in toribash, nor can i change the password on the site, its says that i have no email, when ive actually had one in the past, pls help

p.s. i was still logged in the site
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wait so this problem can happen again
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It's not a problem, it's a form of security to make sure that your account remains safe
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